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Just realized I did something clever thanks to you lot - spotted pain in ds2(5)

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LargeLatte Thu 20-Dec-12 16:08:06

Probably a bit boasty but I am proud of myself and no-one in RL would understand.

I posted on here before about ds2 (5) not communicating pain when he must be experiencing it. He gets frequent ear infections, but will often not say anything until a few minutes before the ear perforates, so he communicates no pain at all until he is screaming in agony.

I got some good advice here along the lines of maybe his dyspraxia means he doesnt experience pain in the way I do, or maybe he just assumes I know he is in pain and so doesn't tell me, but that there were probably other signals to look for.

That was a few months ago.

Fast forward to this week - and ds2 was involved in an altercation at school with another child, which was the first time in weeks (in fact probably since his last chronic ear condition was treated). Then last night he woke up and came to our room saying he had a nightmare - he never wakes at night unless he is ill.

So this morning he was eating his breakfast and started scratching at his ear. I asked if it hurt and he pointed to the itchy ear and said 'this ear is troubling me', then pointed to the other side and said 'but this one hurts'. When I asked how long it had hurt for he said a few days! GP has confirmed ear infection.

I am feeling quite clever that I spotted the signs before he was sat in a classroom screaming in pain (has happened twice before). And thankful for all the help and advice I have had here.

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