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sshhhitsasecret Mon 10-Dec-12 04:41:09

Okay this may be a long one so here goes I have 3 year old twins born prem with hearing problems and developmental delay. The youngest is the worse off when he was born he nearly died and had to be resuscitated. They've been slow to catch up but the gap between them making progress (e.g one might have started cooing followed a week later by the other one) has gotten bigger and bigger we used to be able to time it now I don't know where we are. So lets start this year at beginning I was pregnant with dd and I think everything was fine until we had her she wasn't planned so it was a bit of a shock so I've now got 3 children under 3 and have to say I've struggled a bit. Last week health visitor and family support worker visited and hv was commenting on dd she'd fallen to sleep in bouncer I didn't get her out because unlike other 2 she's a light sleeper and would have then woken and screamed rest of time we don't hear a peep out of her so hv asks about finding time to spend with her and pointed to her and said well that speaks for itself! Anyways back to ds we've ways known he has problems but this year after yet another hearing exam being told he has glue ear and he's still not talking got referred to another hospital where consultant took one look and was on phone saying he had a child possible deafness and syndrome and got us booked in for MRI s ct scans the lot scared the crap outta me be because I think it finally hit home that not only has he got a problem but its probably worse than what we thought so since then we have been back and forth to hospital for testing its looking like he has autism ADHD and possible syndrome we've had all this stress and worry we don't drive (yet) my parents give us lifts and hospitals quite far out then my mum moans at me for having to do it so I feel guilty(and a bit annoyed) then one day in middle of this we get call from social services. A few days before my sister phoned and Asked if I wanted help from social services because they help her etc etc i said 'no don't say anything' and she said ok and was left at that, couple of days later on day I'm supposed to be havi g a caff meeting 2 people knock on door I think there part of meeting so let them in and then find out there from ss

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