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Awaiting DLA results

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jambuttie Mon 10-Apr-06 15:53:24

I applied and recieved confirmation that they have recieved our application for DT2 on 10th March 2006.

Still no news as yet!!!!!!!

Although it did say in the letter that I should expect a decision within 8 weeks, does it normally take that long?

This is his 1st application

spursmum Mon 10-Apr-06 15:57:10

TBH yes! I think it's because they have to work out if your child 'needs' more help and all that but when you re-apply you get an answer in a couple of weeks!!
They took about 6 weeks for ds' application IIRC.

coppertop Mon 10-Apr-06 16:03:49

Ds1's application only took about 2 or 3 weeks.

Ds2's application took about 5 months but even the staff on the helpline when I phoned (at least once a month) were shocked at how long the claim-handler was taking.

Don't forget that the money will be backdated so you shouldn't miss out financially. Good luck.

jambuttie Tue 11-Apr-06 09:48:13

it was 4 weeks past friday that they recieved the forms so hopefully will have an answer soon

Pixel Tue 11-Apr-06 10:46:29

I've just had a letter to say I can expect a reply in 11 weeks!

jambuttie Tue 11-Apr-06 12:43:40

really i thought mine was long too

jambuttie Wed 26-Apr-06 22:34:54

still no news for me as yet.

called yesterday and they said it's with the decision maker how long now ? any ideas?

misdee Wed 26-Apr-06 22:36:57

they are now looking again at our claim for dd2. am not holding out much hope. but she has assessment in 2 weeks time, so if they turn her down again, we will go for appeal and gather up even more info.

red37 Wed 26-Apr-06 22:41:54

I cant remember how long it took but I did recieve a letter saying I should have a reply within 8 weeks, but in my case I was turned down. then later appealed and won, hope its good news

jambuttie Thu 27-Apr-06 15:06:57

could possibly be applying too for DT1

jambuttie Sat 29-Apr-06 19:36:35

maybe this week will bring the news

anniebear Sat 29-Apr-06 20:35:39

I was just coming to post to ask how long is the DLA decisions taking!!

I got a letter saying they had received on Wednesday

I just hope they can read the mans hand writing that filled it in for was appalling!

Socci Sat 29-Apr-06 20:56:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jambuttie Sat 06-May-06 10:57:13

Ok so I got a letter today saying sorry we have not dealt with your claim yet

6 weeks is up on the 10th what should I do now?

Was kinda hoping for a reply under 6 weeks as stated in original letter

coppertop Sun 07-May-06 13:16:48

You got the letter on a Saturday? Another victory for the Davros Rule! (the one that says bad news will always arrive on a Saturday so that you can't phone them and give them hell for being so crap.)

I would ring them and ask for details about why they still haven't dealt with it. Ds2's delay was mainly because the claim-handler seemed to keep forgetting to actually DO anything with his claim form.

jambuttie Sun 07-May-06 17:38:06

It's so annoying isn't it

misdee Sun 07-May-06 17:39:51

still waiting here as well for dd2 reconsideration. i bet they take the full 11 weeks. d

geogteach Sun 07-May-06 18:57:32

I too can confirm the davros rule - we got a letter turning down DS1's application yestaday

coppertop Sun 07-May-06 19:27:57


Will you be going for a reconsideration/appeal?

geogteach Sun 07-May-06 20:11:19

Haven't decided - he is deaf but functions very well in mainstream school. But I do know people whose hearing loss is less who have got it - part of me thinks is it worth the hassle but another thinks that if he had the money we could use it for stuff like a phone as he can't use the one we've got

nikkie Sun 07-May-06 20:49:57

Can you not get minicoms etc through ss?
The child I work with got his apid for by them.

jambuttie Mon 08-May-06 07:42:15

on the phone now to see what's happening, recorded ,essage now says the expect to give the decision in 8 weeks, last week it said 6

Bethron Mon 08-May-06 08:58:57

Message withdrawn

jambuttie Mon 08-May-06 14:24:37

drives you nuts eh

jambuttie Tue 09-May-06 16:35:23

Phoned them again today, said we were due to find out by tomorrow.

They transferred me over to edinburgh and I was told that it ain't been looked at yet it's on the decision makers desk and we should "hopefully" have a decision by next week

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