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Developmental Checks with HV

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Davros Thu 08-Jan-04 23:23:40

Dear Friends, this isn't strictly a SEN matter but related and I wanted to ask you all for your advice, opinions and experiences. I've just had a scrappy photocopied note "inviting" me to take my 9 month old baby for a 9 month developmental check with the HV. My reaction is that I absolutely have NO intention of going. For starters its at some obscure health centre that I've never been to but the main reason is that I don't TRUST them at all, even though they're well meaning etc. I know some of you have had the same experience of having to insist on assessment when a HV hasn't picked up on anything and this is what happened to me with my 8 yr old ASD son. Apart from not thinking they're any good, not wanting to go to the trouble of finding this place and going through the stress of getting there, I hate the feelings this sort of thing arouses. It brings it all back and at the baby clinic (which I almost never go to, god knows how much she weighs), I sit there festering and basically feeling upset. I also kind of feel like asserting myself by just not going and leting them know there's someone who doesn't care about what they think. However, I am wondering if I'm letting my feelings and past experience cloud my judgement. What do you all think? Should I go or should I forget it?

fio2 Thu 08-Jan-04 23:32:26

Davros as you know my Health Visitor is very good so I do trust her with my ds (NT) aswell as my dd (SN). I really used to hate the baby clinic too, everytime I took dd to be weighed I would get upset because it was so obvious she wasnt the same developmentally - but the HV's there would never listen to me. Thank god I had a good surgery HV! I know how you feel but I would just take your dd, just to shut them up. If they say anything you dont agree with, just take it with a pinch of salt. Got to say though I had ds's 2 year check a couple of months ago and I was so so nervous about it. I honestly felt like I was going to burst out crying. I feel I cant cope with anything else at the moment. Sorry I am going ON.

I would just do what you feel is best. I suppose if you go along at least you wont keep getting pestered to keep making new appointments and I suppose in there eyes it make you look responsible ( I know this is crap, but it is most probably how they look at it) Then again if you feel yourself she is doing well and really feel you cant face it or dont want to go - then dont. I think the only important thing at 9month checks is the hearing test - but I have always thought how they do it is really naff.

Let us know what you decide

Jimjams Fri 09-Jan-04 10:16:38

Well my HV treats me and ds2 specially She'll come to see us at home if I want, and is happy to check ds2 over and dicuss any concerns. She kind of lets me know that she trusts my judgement and she'll do anything I want. She also treats me as if I know more than her about autism etc (which I do!) She knows I'm vaguely concerned about his speech and has just said to let her know if I want him referred on. She's also happy to back up anything with a letter etc. She does the checks to get the ticks in the box, but I know I am treated differently to normal. His 2 year check is due soon, but I know she'll not really stick to the form, but will just have a general chat. At his 8 month check he was a bit crap at one of the items (can't remember what now) but she didn't make a fuss, just said oh bring him back in a month. I know her position on his speech will be calming, but that she's happy to refer on if thats what I want.

So that's not very helpful. I think in your position I would be inclined to go, if the HV was good then great, if crap I think I would just sit, be a bit monosyllabic and then go! Oh and they do give you a free toothbrush normally

coppertop Fri 09-Jan-04 10:16:55

I too avoid the Baby Clinic like the plague. DS2 (11 months) has probably only been weighed about three times since he was born. I decided to go to the 9mth check-up partly because there is a family history of deafness and partly (as fio2 says) to keep them off my back. In the end they didn't bother to do the hearing check as he had already passed a test when he was a couple of weeks old.

I think if I hadn't gone I would've been pestered with phone calls and letters. They seem to like to be able to put a tick against all the names on the list IYSWIM.

Is the strange clinic a big part of the problem? If so, maybe they could arrange a home visit. I guess it also depends on whether, like me, you have any specific concerns about your baby. If not I would be tempted to give it a miss and just see what happens.

Davros Fri 09-Jan-04 19:45:20

Thanks for the answers. I'm still not sure what I'll do. One reason is that I don't have a relationship with the HV at all, there's an 8 year gap between my two so, although some of the old crocks are still around, I don't really know them. The baby had a proper hearing check not long after birth, with one of those probe things, and it was fine. I don't think they are any good at picking up other issues and certainly not as good as I am. Going to the unknown clinic is an issue, if it was at my GPs I'd probably drag myself there. Maybe I'll cancel and see what they suggest, maybe a home visit.

popsycal Fri 09-Jan-04 19:48:47

we weren't offered a 9 month waiting to see whether an ivite for an 18 month or 2 year check will appear in the near future

Jimjams Fri 09-Jan-04 20:48:01

Ring and ask for a home visit or one at the GP's. Tell the you've been left feeling very uncomfortable in clinics following your experience with your son. Might work

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