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dysphraxia/verbal dysphraxia

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bettyboop29 Thu 06-Dec-12 15:00:52

my ds is 5,he has had speech difficulties from young and through school nursery he got all the help frm o.t and speech therapist and is in a speech and language base in primary 1,he is showing signs of verbral dysphraxia and has motor skills and co-ordination difficulties and movement disorder.
he is petrified of swings and things tht move, he has had terrible travel sickness travellin to school and is managd with pressure point bands and exercises! he will fall and trip quite alot and seem to be worse when he has a cold or a bit unwell! he tripped dwn stairs and has trouble in the shower petrified of slippin so we are getting anthr banister put up with shower aids in toilet through his o.t, he is such a happy wee boy and has came a long way but he has been in speech therapy since he was 3 and still not much diffrnce,he can say word but the minute he goes in a sentence i lose him,and he missin out ends of his words,i would love to hear frm other mum in a situation like mine and if thy are older if thr speech has got better,i am currantly waitin on pediatrician appoinmnt his o.t has referred him! thanks

mrslaughan Thu 06-Dec-12 18:33:15

I am on ay out - so sorry this will be brief (I am on my way out)....Do you mean Dyspraxia? DS has Fine motor Dyspraxia and it has affected his speech development.
Yes it does get better, with the right intervention.
Alot of what you describe, and I have read really quickly sorry - sounds like sensory issues - how well trained is your OT in Sensory therapy? I only ask, as DS saw 2 OT's before his current one, and although nice and well meaning, made no difference. He is now with an amazing practise in London and the difference is huge, he is like a different boy. Unfortunately we fund this privately, but it is worth every cent.
The sensory stuff has made a difference to his speech, co-ordination, ability to follow instructions, having the sensory side "modulated" allows him to organise himself better.
HTH - have to run

justaboutchilledout Thu 06-Dec-12 19:01:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bettyboop29 Thu 06-Dec-12 20:59:54

hi mrslaughan yes my o.t has mentioned about sensory issues as well and he hasn't been diagnosed but gp and o.t and speech therapist say he does hav signs dysphraxia and verbal dysphraxia and waiting on pediatrician appoinmnt! i have only had one OT and she has saw him since he was 3n half and works with him in his speech and lanuage base he is in at school and he also had a physiotherapist there for a block session and she was happy for me to continue his excercises and she will come out again in 8 week to see how he is doing,but will look more into sensory side too!
hi justaboutchilledout thnx u i will look into the support group on fb!

bettyboop29 Thu 06-Dec-12 21:02:37

mean dyspraxia sorry keep spellin it wrong!

bettyboop29 Thu 02-May-13 22:07:48

hi jst an update my son got diagnosed with developmental co-ordination disorder few weeks ago and showin sign verbal dyspraxia no diagnosis of that yet but he is doin great with all help and supprt at school! smile

CouthySaysEatChoccyEggs Fri 03-May-13 00:17:55

Ds2 has dyspraxia. He said his first word (mum) when he was 3y7mo.

He is now 9y5mo. His speech is still slightly immature, but perfectly understandable to everybody, and he never shuts up!

To help with where your DS is missing off the end of words, it helps to slow down your own speech when you are talking to him, and to enunciate clearly.

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