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Aaaaargh - The referral process!!!

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BertramBertram Thu 06-Dec-12 11:58:10

Took DS to see GP at end of October as suspected possible Dyspraxia. GP agreed he has a lot of symptoms & referred him to our local Children's centre. She said not to expect an appointment this side of Christmas but was OK with that (January wasn't so far away really). So far, so good...

Followed up the referral as not heard anything. Paed secretary said that the referral had been received 02/11 and was being passed to the OT team for an appointment. Called the OT team to say that we would take a cancellation & ask about how long till DS is seen.

Told by OT that he hadn't yet been approved to go on their list! His case was due to be discussed this month and if he is approved then he will be put on the list at the end of the month because they don't update the list before then. If is approved there is a 24 week waiting list. I asked if his 24 weeks would start from when the GP referred him. No - it starts from when he goes on the list.

If he is not accepted then his file will be sent back to paeds and they will then make a decision on what to do (she said paed can appeal and they will reconsider the OT list if more info is supplied) but we lose more time until we even get on the bloody list angry. I asked about a private appointment (can't really afford it but I want to get the ball rolling for DS) and was told they don't see private patients.

The girl that I spoke to at OT was lovely - she reviewed the referral notes and said that she thought he was likely to be approved and even made lots of suggestions as to things we can start doing at home with him - caring cutlery, box under his feet when sitting, letting DS do the last bit of a process to give him confidence etc and she sent me some good leaflets/links.
I came off the phone feeling quite positive as I had something I could start working with until I thought about the fact that I won't know until mid-Jan whether we have a 24 week wait, longer or won't be seen at all sad

Am telling myself at least we are on the first rung of the ladder and (thanks to MN!) we are starting the ball rolling relatively early (DS is 6.5). I have a feeling this frustration is only goig to get worse as we move through the process. It all started so well with the GP... At least the staff in the OT department seem to know their onions & are lovely which will be great if when we get to see them!!

Rant over!!

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