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ADHD Meds - which do you have?

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Starxx Tue 04-Dec-12 13:27:56

Starling is on 20mg Equasym XL ...he has it once a day at 8am each morning (9am on the weekends) and we have an option of a 5mg booster in the afternoons (usually around 4pm) if he has anything going on in the late afternoon/evening etc but he usually only has that once or twice a week maximum.

Behaviour is quite extreme at the moment and we are struggling ....but when we have about 4 hours of this manic behaviour in the morning (Starling wakes between 5 and 6 - meds at 8am, 45 mins to kick in)... then its worn off by the afternoon and pick up from school etc and he goes to bed at 7 so its more manic behaviour no wonder!!!

Am just interested in what your kids have, if you feel they work (at the times given etc) and if the school helps you out?

Frazzled Star xx

ouryve Tue 04-Dec-12 14:28:04

Starling takes atomoxetine which has a completely different mode of action from methylphenidate. Like most antidepressants, it builds up in the body over a period of time and has a long metabolic half life so the daily ups and downs aren't nearly so extreme. It's rather expensive, though, and relatively new, so psychiatrists don't tend to prescribe it unless there's good reasons not to prescribe methylphenidate. In DS1's case, these were pretty compelling - he already had extremely bouncy evenings and difficulty settling at night, he suffers some pretty extreme anxiety and is prone to losing his appetite.

He takes a weight appropriate dose, currently 25mg in the mornings and 10mg in the evenings.

ouryve Tue 04-Dec-12 14:29:04

Starling???? DS1.

We had a bad night, last night. My brain's not fully functioning!

coff33pot Tue 04-Dec-12 14:55:25

DS is on Equasym XL but only 10 mg dose in the morning which lasts 8 hours. No top ups.

We were told to up it to 20mg after 7 days but it didnt agree with him at all and he was emotional depressed wise rather than bouncy. His world was ending he saw to clear that he cant to this or that and crying all the time.

So back down I went to 10mg and he is fine with no issues.

School are great supporting him and have noticed a real difference however they still make sure he has his sensory diet excercises regardless if he is sat still or not and this seems to take the edge off the "bouncies" when it wears off.

Also his appetite did suffer and he is allowed to take snacks to eat during each break rather than just the one. We kept to a strict eating pattern and this seemed to work in his body clock knew when it was time to eat and was waiting for it where as in the beginning we had to remind him to eat and to drink as he would just go without. Then eat anything and everything when the meds wore off!

DS was supposed to have atomoxetine because of tics, but our camhs said its too new and they dont know anything about it (obviously its the expense issue ouryve!)

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