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Tell me all about Managed Transfers please :)

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sweetteamum Tue 04-Dec-12 12:24:17

My DS is looking to change schools and I have been told it's not as straight forward as an in-year transfer. It needs to be a Managed Transfer as he's on School Action Plus.

Has anyone been through this process, who can help me understand and prepare better for the change smile

endoftherainbow Wed 05-Dec-12 14:34:58

They might be referring to a managed move which is where the child moves to the new school but stays registered at the old school. A pastoral support plan is drawn up and progress is reviewed at 8 weeks with final review at 16. The old school can refuse to take you back and the new school can say it hasn't worked too if they can't meet his needs. If it's tied to being excluded and you agree to the managed move you're unable to appeal against the exclusion. (From what I remember). We declined a managed move and went via the in year admission process but had by that time involvement of EP and others. We were also on school action plus but applying for a statement at that point. This route might help the new school get additional support. Have you spoken to the area education officer or your local parent partnership?

sweetteamum Wed 05-Dec-12 14:42:35

Thank you endof, for the reply.

It's us thats looking to move him from one school to another. Apparently its called a managed transfer because he's on the sen register. The school we've applied to, is full, under normal in-year transfers but they hav to take a set amount of managed transfer per school year, especially with someone on sen register.

I just don't know the procedure and what will happen as I know you can normally find out in 10 school days normally. But I presume it'll take longer the way we have to go.

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