No carer's allowance - worried!

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lars Sat 08-Apr-06 20:42:02

Phoned my bank today and found out that my carer's allowance hasn't been payed into my account. Can't understand why?
Have their computers crashed or something?
Will contact them on Monday but does this usually happen or is it just me? larsxx

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lars Sat 08-Apr-06 20:49:23


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lars Sun 09-Apr-06 15:22:14

bump, anyone had this problem before with CA?

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SparklyGothKat Sun 09-Apr-06 15:24:07

Mine has been paid in, am paid weekly.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 09-Apr-06 15:25:20

I can't check mine on this pc but will do later and get back to you lars.

lars Sun 09-Apr-06 15:26:04

Mine is monthly,I've not had this problem before.

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lars Sun 09-Apr-06 15:26:27


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twokids Sun 09-Apr-06 15:31:12

sorry I get mine from the post office. Not had any problems there.(glad to see you haven't left)

waterfalls Sun 09-Apr-06 15:33:10

When should it have gone in? there may be some mix up with the easter holidays.

lars Sun 09-Apr-06 15:33:39

thanks twokids, no I'm staying on MN. opened my eyes though!larsxx

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lars Sun 09-Apr-06 15:34:39

It should have been paid into my account mid month ( March). larsxx

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waterfalls Sun 09-Apr-06 15:38:29

Oh, they will have informed you if they were stopping it for some reason, maybe you have accidently been deleted from their systems.

lars Sun 09-Apr-06 15:40:17

Yes that what i thought, I had a problem once before with the child tax credit, due to my bank account, missed a digit off, how that happened I don't know.

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waterfalls Sun 09-Apr-06 15:41:36

Well hopefully, you will have 2 months payment to look forward to

twokids Sun 09-Apr-06 15:43:48

lars it made me realise best to come on sn part if you want people to really help. chat ect is better for a laugh.

lars Sun 09-Apr-06 15:49:50

twokids, you are so right. I just think the SN area is great for support in IMO. Really nice people! I suppose I've had enough to deal with ds and the lack of support from his old school. Just wasn't ready for some of the comments, which were a little harsh. larsxx

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twokids Sun 09-Apr-06 16:57:21

it seems to be happening a lot. have to admit I am not the kind of person to tell all anyway...except when I am talking to likeminded people about dd.

lars Sun 09-Apr-06 16:59:45

yes , learn from experience but I was surprised to the 'p' taking response on other threads. larsxx

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twokids Mon 10-Apr-06 13:30:45

have you found out what happened yet?

lars Tue 11-Apr-06 11:55:53

bank error, all is ok. larsxx

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Davros Tue 11-Apr-06 20:19:58

Lars, I have been off MN for a week or so (boring story). I'm sorry to hear you've had problems, with MN and the CA! I hope you're over it and won't think of leaving!

JPLUMMER72 Sun 07-Jan-18 13:49:32

My husband hasn't received his Carers Allowance and he usually receives it on Saturday for Monday

Loopylou1982 Sat 13-Jan-18 06:48:23

Hi jplummer I didn’t receive today either I always get it on a Saturday did hubby get it on the Monday?

Sarahlouise1990 Sat 13-Jan-18 07:49:07

I haven't received my carers allowance today either. Did you all end up receiving yours?

Tash29 Sat 13-Jan-18 08:12:26

Are any of you with Natwest? As I normally receive my CA on a Saturday but just checked and Natwest have stopped weekend payments now. Anything usually in or out on a Saturday will be on a Monday

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