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I need my own topic, I think :D Chewing

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Lougle Thu 29-Nov-12 15:18:53

DD2 has always sucked her hand, since the day she was born, I think, or certainly shortly after. She has a hardened piece of skin on her hand now and frequently gets worms.

Today I came across an elephant comforter that I had tried and failed to introduce when she was a baby. I casually mentioned it to her and she asked to have it.

Later, she said to DH 'Daddy, I've got a really good idea how to stop sucking my hand. I can chew elephant's hat instead, then I won't get worms.' Since then, she has spent 2-3 hours chewing elephant.

Is she self-soothing/sensory or is she just copying DD1, who has chewies, etc?

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