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7week old DD,down's syndrome with bowel problems

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realnappiesmum Thu 29-Nov-12 11:11:08

Our beautiful daughter was born 7 weeks ago at 34 weeks gest. Antenatal diagnosis of down's syndrome. Drs queried Hirschsprungs as bowels not opened and did rectal washouts until she was big enough for biopsy. this was done 2 weeks ago and came back negative for Hirschsprungs. stopped washouts but has had trouble with having bowels opened and after readdmission to hospital, back now having washouts. surgeons hoping she will grow out of it as she puts on weight and bowels start working. just wondered if anyone else had any knowledge or experience of this. hope it makes sense.

mymatemax Thu 29-Nov-12 12:36:13

Hi Realnappies, Conratulations!!
Bowel problems are pretty common with prem babies.
Ds2 was born at 28 wks and it took a long while for all his systems to kick in to action.
His bowels were particuarly slow, prematurity/low muscle tone etc can effect the digestive system.

For us it was finding out what worked & kept him on a regular pooing cycle.
For the first couple of yrs he had medicine (cant remember what) & suppositries that we would give at home which kept things moving until his gut matured enough.

Even now aged 10 (dx'd mild CP & Autism) he only goes every 3rd day & has daily lactulose to help keep it soft.
Also what milk is she on? How is her general digestion?

WipsGlitter Thu 29-Nov-12 13:34:39

Sorry, no. But I have a DS with downs also diagnosed antenally. He's nearly three now and the light of my life. Hope you get sorted. Any other questions PM me. xx

realnappiesmum Fri 30-Nov-12 11:35:44

Hi , thank for replies. Drs think it is combination of having down's syndrome, prematurity,low muscle tone and being small for dates.She is on ebm with aptamil pepti 1 as fortifier to help her gain weight. Taking feeds well and tolerating them. Hoping her bowels will improve as she grows. She is beautiful and already has quite a fan club amongst the nurses and drs.

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