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I got the DLA award - yippeee!

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Eulalia Wed 07-Jan-04 18:52:16

I posted this earlier on my own thread which Mrs F kindly made to ask after me but thought I'd announce it 'officially'

The strange thing is that I didn't know anything about this till I just happened to check my bank account today and saw an unexpected credit to my account. I phoned the bank and they said it was from the DLA but could say nothing else. I finally got through to the DWP on the phone but their policy is to give out no info on the phone about awards. They were able to tell me that they had written on the 30th and that the amount would be the back payments. She is sending another letter. I am curious about the award though - working it back it to the date of application it looks like about £58 a week - what level is this?

I can't believe how elated I felt when I saw the money and then felt guilty... but then after speaking to dh felt that I do deserve this... life has been hard particurly the last 18 months. I actually spent some money on a childminder on Monday to look after ds so I could take dd to her toddlers group on her own and what a difference it made, not just to me and dd but ds enjoyed himself more than he would normally have done. Now I know I can do this every week

fio2 Wed 07-Jan-04 18:53:45


out of nosiness who also got a christmas bonus off dla this year?

coppertop Wed 07-Jan-04 18:58:54

Congratulations, Eulalia. Of course you deserve to get it! Don't feel guilty.

eidsvold Wed 07-Jan-04 19:15:59

Well done

fairydust Wed 07-Jan-04 20:14:09

well done eulalia sounds like the higher rate.

Fio2- igot the xmas bonus in my dla and the carers allowance - what a lucky lady i am

popsycal Wed 07-Jan-04 20:16:54

but what is this ;award'???
jusy curious!

misdee Wed 07-Jan-04 20:20:22

dd got a xmas bonus and i got one in my CA.

mrsforgetful Thu 08-Jan-04 01:37:41

Hi again!! Replied on the other thread- b4 i saw this...and i felt 'guilty' for writing so much....then i read here that you 'fet elated .... then guilty...' so i hope what i've written on the end of the other thread makes you see that after having DLA for ds1 for 8 months i have finally gone past the guilt and the money REALLY can be 'interpreted' in any way or form for whatever will make your child AND the family's life better- the toddler group every week is fantastic- we do a 'treat' meal of his choice every month...usually pizzahut!! and we have "Boy's Day " on the 15th of every month... all 3 boys get a treat.... When we got ds1's backdated ammt we spent £300 of it on his bedroom whilst he was at cubcamp....we made it a bit like a sensory room so when he came back he was stunned!!!! He is 10 and knows we have money to help we also encourage him to think of things that he thinks would help him (asperger's wise) at school etc (eg he can't manage a compass very well so i got him a set of stencils which have over 50 different sized he uses those instead) Also i bought some 'sporks' (forks which look like a spoon) from a 'special needs' supplier- to help him eat easier independantly.
We get £53 per week - which is low mobility and Mid care...the mobility means we even use the odd taxi now and again!

Davros Thu 08-Jan-04 13:15:20

Congrats Eulalia. If you do feel guilty, which you shouldn't, just remember that it is awarded to your child and is their entitlement. You must be spending plenty that you can mentally account to the DLA amount.

Eulalia Thu 08-Jan-04 22:41:35

Got the letter today. Yes it is the higher rate for care component. No award for mobility but can apply for that when he turns 5. And the award is till he is age 7.

Yes you are right Davros and the first thing I am going to do is get him a new bed and matress with a proper cover to deal with all the wet beds. There are a lot of things that we've just been getting by with or doing without and it will make his life a lot easier.

Mrs F - I read your other message and yes enclosed with the letter was a leaflet about other entitlements. This evening dh has already filled in the form (online) for carer's allowance.

In the meantime ds was at his orthotic outpatients appointment today and had casts made for the splints for his feet. Initially he refused to let the staff even touch him but gradually he settled down and was happy to get the plaster of paris all over him.

Lou33 Fri 09-Jan-04 16:55:38

Eulaia, how old is your child? Mobility can be applied for at age 3 now.

Eulalia Sun 11-Jan-04 10:16:13

Lou33 - he is 4.5. I did complete the parts about his mobility but they felt he wasn't bad enough. I think their rationale is that a child under 5 needs a lot of supervision anyway. If they still need it at age 5 or above, ie still running away outside for example then they are more of a handful so extra support is needed.

We can apply again for this component in 6 months time.

Thanks for thinking of me He is getting splints soon so I hope that does slow him down a bit as he can run very fast!

Lou33 Sun 11-Jan-04 15:24:48

Well I hope you get it when you apply. You have reminded me to get the forms for ds2 early, he will be 3 in Feb. He can't walk at all, so mobility shouldn't be a problem I hope ( she says...).

Eulalia Sat 17-Jan-04 18:23:13

Got a letter in today saying I have been awarded Carer's Allowance So I was thinking I might have day off, or at least a half day as it has been 4.5 years since I had any kind of a break....

Anyway need to sort out childcare. A friend's daughter who lives nearby has been helping out the odd day with ds but she isn't going to be staying at home for long. I need to look into more long term options as I am finding it quite hard to cope with them both, eg today took ds & dd to the beach and they both ran into the sea... brrr!!!!

Would a professional childminder look after an autistic child or would they refuse on the grounds that they aren't trained? There must be registered childminders who deal with disabled children - how do I find out about this? Also I worry about how ds would react to a stranger. Childcare is not easy to get here and I think if I used an agency it may be someone different every time. Anyone got any suggestions?

Lisa78 Sat 17-Jan-04 18:26:03

Sorry to be so ignorant, but what is the DLA Eulalia? (And congratulations on getting it anyway!! )

Luckymum Sat 17-Jan-04 18:34:48

Lisa78 - DLA is Disability Living Allowance. You can get it if you care for a child under 16 with a disability or chronic condition. You can claim in your own right if over 16.

Eulalia - Congratulations on the DLA and carers, no advice about the childminder, sorry, but hope you have a lovely day off, you deserve it

BTW......still waiting for DLA for Dd, how long did they take to give you a decision?

Lisa78 Sat 17-Jan-04 19:12:43


misdee Sat 17-Jan-04 22:58:15

luckymum, i dont know if these are dealt with by the same dept but they have taken over 16weeks to sort out dh claim, and it still isnt thro yet.

fairydust Sun 18-Jan-04 09:35:28

My dla came through within 2 two weeks

Eulalia Sun 18-Jan-04 09:53:49

I think it depends on how complex the case is, they may be seeking further info hence the delay. However when we got the first letter saying that they'd received the claim they said that if we'd not heard within 8 weeks to get in touch. We heard within 5 weeks but that was including the Christmas period. I think it helped that we gave them all the info and extra statements(included a report from the SALT and every page had continuation sheets). Good luck misdee.

misdee Sun 18-Jan-04 09:59:07

he has dr's reports, specialist reprts, list of hospotal appointments etc. but as he has a hidden disability they find it hard to make an assessment. this is his 3rd claim for DLA, last one went to appeal and he was still refused it, so we're hoping this application will finally be successful after 2years of apllications. i'mjust worried that they will take into account the last 2 applications and he has been turned down before.

Luckymum Sun 18-Jan-04 11:52:45

Misdee - fingers crossed for you this time. At least by having made the other applications they must realise that your dh has a long term problem How is he BTW and have you had an appointment for dd yet?

We have been waiting about 8 weeks now but I'm not expecting to get it without a fight so watch this space!!

Davros Sun 18-Jan-04 12:09:39

misdee, I also hope you get a successful outcome. I suppose the only comfort in the delay is that, if you get it, it will be backdated and be a pretty penny the first time. Wishing you lots of luck.

misdee Sun 18-Jan-04 16:06:42

luckymum, got dd2 appointment thro yesterday for cardiologist. says we may also get appointments thro for x-rays and ecg(i think it was). dd1 allergy appointment has been bought forward a week, so is a week b4 dd2 now, and dh has one the following week. feb is gonna be a busy month.

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