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Gastrostomy support thread no.2! Tubefed children support thread

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Isitme1 Sun 25-Nov-12 14:44:35

Welcome to thread no.2!!!

Everyone sign in please so we all know who is here


2old2beamum Mon 22-Jul-13 21:55:11

May I be the first to congratulate you here Well done my lovely XXXflowers
Await eagerly for your news much better than the Royals grin
xxx to you all

Giddypants Tue 23-Jul-13 08:17:42

Congratulations, well done xxx

Isitme1 Tue 23-Jul-13 10:29:04

Thank you all very much.
Delivery wasnt too bad.
Lost 5 litres of blood after so was on high dependency.
Blood levels thankfully haven't dropped too much so ive been allowed home.
Took a few hours to come round but when I finally did felt much better.

sneezecakesmum Tue 23-Jul-13 19:09:05

Congratulations, that's lovely news. Do try to get as much rest as you can at home smile

Isitme1 Wed 24-Jul-13 08:27:03

Ive been resting up. No one will let me do any house work which is nice as I dont have the energy to do so anyway lol.
Still breastfeeding grin
Baby has me and then formula due to him not urinating a lot so needed to be topped up

2old2beamum Thu 25-Jul-13 21:15:16

So glad you are being forced to rest......enjoy. How is DGGS 1xxx
School holidays started with both having hospital appointments today!!
XXXX to all

Isitme1 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:31:32

Back in hospital.
Losing clots plus temp.
They've started iv.
Ds1 is neglected he gets left at home while dh comforts me. Ds1 is with other family.
Hope the appointments went well

2old2beamum Thu 25-Jul-13 21:55:07

Don't know what to say except bloody hell
Take care my lovely XX

Giddypants Fri 26-Jul-13 16:11:04

Isitme sending lots of hugs and hope your re out again soonxxx

Isitme1 Sat 27-Jul-13 02:12:33

Thank you.
Having blood transfusion today as bloods are7.2
Hopefully will feel better after that.
How is everyone

sneezecakesmum Sun 28-Jul-13 20:29:19

Hope all is going well, its only a setback, you will soon feel better so don't worry.

2old2beamum Mon 29-Jul-13 20:26:51

DGD hope you are feeling better after transfusion and tour Hb is at a reasonable level. How are my DGGS's well I hope.
Life trundles on Jay and Annabel went to holiday club £20 each per session and a 64 mile round trip X 2 I will leave the maths to you grin
But they enjoy it so much and an added bonus Ellen and Lottie have been asked to "help"
What the heck this is to do with thread heaven knows but I am so proud of them smug smile

Isitme1 Tue 30-Jul-13 07:54:35

Thanks x
Came out of hospital on Sunday night only to go back in Monday 2am as I lost a 'clot" as long as paln and about 2inch thick.
Sent me home ob more antibiotics and said they couldn't see anymore and blood levels were fine.

Thats nice granny that they enjoyed it. Thats what counts .
The boys are good just tiring. Have been trying to get no2 back to sleep for the past 45mins all he wants to do is feed and ve sick.
Im back off to bed for hlf hour
Sneeze hows giddy and tge boys

Isitme1 Fri 02-Aug-13 11:51:42

Hellloooo x

sneezecakesmum Fri 02-Aug-13 21:58:13

Busy decorating ellibears bedroom - wall to wall thomas the tank engine, gone off chuggington I think! Also cooking blended diet food. We picked cherries off overhanging trees (millions) so I made a ton of mixed berry (blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and cherry) crumble, with cream, yoghurt, almonds, oats and custard....a sort of blended pudding smile Its really yummy, but I've had very little time to play on the computer. Hope all are well, we are here, just overheated then drenched with strange weather.

2old2beamum Sat 03-Aug-13 18:29:31

Hi all my friends Busy here (school holidays and no Respite 'til end of August!!I will be knackered grin

DGD hope you feel better after your blood transfusion when mine was 6 I felt like something no respectful cat would have dragged in. How are my DGGS's. Please accept all help offered I know it is difficult but do as you are told (for once)

Oldsneeze well done on blended diet. Have been thinking if a school can allow a child to starve surely they can give blended diet. Get paed to back you


Isitme1 Sun 04-Aug-13 08:28:30

Oooh granny im tired. Ds2 doesnt realise he cant take 5oz of milk plus mummys milk so in the end up he was violently sick.
Hes woke up and had me on both sides and just waiting for his bottle to warm.
I slept 2 hours n my eyes are burning.
Dh first day back at work today too

Isitme1 Mon 05-Aug-13 08:29:01

Ds2 has a port wine stain or a salmon patch on the back of his head.
As per tradition we shavr first hair and before shaving it was visible only just at the top of his neck.
Yesterday a nosey bitch said rather disgustedly what's that.
Felt like slapping her.
How is everyone

2old2beamum Tue 06-Aug-13 21:45:51

DGD speaking from personal experience DD1 now very old shh had a large red mark on the back of neck and on her nose at birth, She is now 43 and it has gone grin Just smile sweetly if anyone comments just think rude thoughts

All well here, too many hospital appts. On a plus side DS Ben has been offered a vagal nerve stimulator for his poorly controlled epilepsy I am elated.

Hope you are all OK

Isitme1 Thu 08-Aug-13 06:40:46

Thank you for the reassurance granny.
Ds2 has a sore throat and cough and so do I.
How is everyone x

Isitme1 Thu 08-Aug-13 15:59:14

Think ds2 has reflux

Absolutely heartbroken.
Hes been sick a few times today.
Had to change his clothes.
He doesnt settle too well after a feed but is still feeding ok.
I dont want hp to say your feeding him too much as he is breastfed and then has between 3-4oz milk.
He took 2oz at birth so naturally that amount will increase? ?

sneezecakesmum Fri 09-Aug-13 20:23:40

No idea about breast and bottle feeding together, but doesn't the baby take just what they want? Not really sure as you can't measure breast milk. Baby Alex is a right chubsster and has only breast milk. He has moobs and chipmunk cheeks. He is doing all the normal stuff and we are amazed! Toilet training the elbear but its very slow and a bit doubtful at the moment but need to persevere.

Internet has gone down at home so on ipad roaming. Also pc has gone crazy and won't start so needs to go into pc world. Typical.

Is it normal for 4 1/2 month old babies to try to try to hook a ring toy over their foot, like a hoopla game? Now he's hiding his feet under a's so cute smile

2old2beamum Fri 09-Aug-13 21:57:43

Come on Oldsneeze we are too old for this high tec stuff grin
Glad you are enjoying Alex

DGD many babes reflux homegrown DD1 had awful reflux, in old days we propped them up PLEASE do not get too worried.

Am in a state of shock Ben has got date for Vagal Nerve Stimulator
5th Sept will now have to look into legalities of Mental Incapacity Bill life is not dull here grin

sneezecakesmum Sat 10-Aug-13 13:39:54

I can do plenty of high tech stuff but will no doubt fall behind after all this retiring malarky! Downloaded Firefox as its much better than crummy old internet explorer (it explores but only when its adjusted its virtual knickers!)

Vagal nerve stimulator omg. sounds so scary but anything that stops the fitting will be wonderful and much better than cutting bits of the brain out!!! I am sure you will sort out the legalities grin

Isitme1 Sat 10-Aug-13 16:45:19

Aww ita nice to hear alex is doing good.
Not too long to wait then granny.
Ds1 punched ds2 in the head sad
He cried something awful.

Been having a hard time with dh. He seems distant.
Might just be me...

How is everyone doing

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