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DS1 aspergers, CAMHS want to ask him, do you want it in writing? Thought this was sorted!

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starfish71 Thu 22-Nov-12 18:58:27

Am going to balance this moany thread with a positive one about DS2 in a bit.

Have had a very long on going saga with CAMHS with regards to DS1 14 and whether he agreed with having a dx. At last meeting, Dr said that all new reports, info from school, SALT etc clearly show DS has aspergers and that she would put it in writing.

Haven't received a letter, had a call from autism outreach teacher (we have quite a good relationship with her, being very helpful with both boys) today. She wants to come and talk to DS on request from Dr at CAMHS to check with DS if he wants her to put it in writing!

I give up I really do. DS thinks this has been dealt with and now she is going to come and ask him and he is going to say no. DS accepts that he has aspergers and was dealing with it but why ask him this?

I could cry, it is so ridiculous. As some of you may know DS is in a PRU at the moment, it is going ok but I want him to be able to move on and the dx is going to help me access ongoing support for him.

thriftychic Thu 22-Nov-12 19:17:08

sorry to hear camhs are causing you more frustration. i dont get them , i really dont . the psych that assessed ds2 said that he had wanted to go to school and observe ds2 but because hes 13 , he had the right to refuse , which he did .
The psych went in to school though to talk to them.
when he diagnosed AS a week later , he advised us to learn about it and gets our heads around it first before telling ds2 , i aggree with that but it seems mad that we know , schools had a letter, so they know and ds2 doesnt but it was ok for ds2 to have a say in his assessment.

starfish71 Thu 22-Nov-12 19:32:34

Thriftychic, glad you understand my frustration. As you say I just don't get them.

Hope when you do tell your DS he is ok with it. It is so difficult, I feel CAMHS just don't have a clear pathway with older children.

Handywoman Thu 22-Nov-12 20:12:07

I feel for you guys. The more I hear about CAMHS the more relieved I am to be under Developmental Paed. CDC are slow and inefficient but compared to CAMHS they seem like a slick operation!

(((Hugs))) is all, really. Have a honk from over here.

Handy x

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