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data protection request - part 2

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bjkmummy Fri 23-Nov-12 14:19:50

That's the thing - I thought my LA were better than this. I'm waiting for the head of the school I want to email me to see if the LA have made any attempt to contact him re school placement . If he says no I am going to ask for an order from the tribuna to get the LA to now make a decision. There reasons re tribunal were wooly - they need more time - Well it's been weeks now with nothing at all happening. I'm just mortified that in one breath they make huge decision re our children but then don't record it then throw it at us that we have no evidence of his needs changing when we have hundreds of pages. This has a case for the LGO written all over it.

Iceflower Fri 23-Nov-12 13:44:23

Shameless is the word angry <was going to use shock but decided I wasn't>

Keep battling on!

bjkmummy Fri 23-Nov-12 13:01:21

Well picked it up and the stuff I didn't get apparently was an administrative error. Meetings where they made important decisions were never minuted, the woman dealing with the case for tribunal is apparently not the case worker so she has made no notes for the files, emails from the head teacher were routinely deleted as they were just 'information' it's all very revealing. Thank god my head copied me into things. The LA kept bleating about no evidence my sons needs had changed - well there won't be if the just delete everything will there.

Also revealed today was a small note from a meeting in June where they agreed he would need OT then decide to get their own report. They then delayed telling me this was the decision until mid July a whole month later. They now have the report but they still have not decided what they are doing even though in June they said he would need OT. He remains out of school and attending part time only where the continue to deliberate.

sweetteamum Thu 22-Nov-12 18:57:54

Couldn't agree more with hoxton.

I'm convinced there are details my school and LA have witheld but just not certain enough to threaten them.

Good to hear you files are ready though grin Considering they are in education, they really are quite dull!!

bjkmummy Thu 22-Nov-12 18:53:53

hopefully it will be there. there are emails between the school and lea that im really interested in. if anything is missing i am not going back to them for a 3rd time, i will just apply to the tribunal. i have a copy of the school file so its interesting to see what was missing. Mind you if they do find the missing paperwork maybe now they will read it and finally come to a correct decision!

hoxtonbabe Thu 22-Nov-12 18:20:31

I cant believe how stupid these people think us parents are. Hopefully they will give you everything you requested and not bits and bobs...

bjkmummy Thu 22-Nov-12 17:33:00

requested all of my sons files from the LA . took them longer than the 40 days and then loads of stuff missing - some very important stuff as well as all the stuff regarding meetings where decisions had been made was missing. the were file notes missing and all of the emergency review paperwork which the scholl had sent them was missing too - would explain why i couldnt understand why they had made the decisions they did if they had read the paperwork. so i replied back and made a list of all the stuff missing and gave them until tomorrow to comply otherwise would apply to tribunal to get an order for its release. got a phone call at 4.30pm from an admin person saying its in reception for me to collect tomorrow - shall we guess how much of the missing stuff i am going to get??????

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