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Alternatives to cot after age 3

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Firsttimer7259 Wed 21-Nov-12 12:47:08

We still use a cot with bars all round and our DD (2.10) with significant GDDs cant get out of that. We also use it as a safe place to put her for tantrums as she thrashes about etc. I am getting worried what we will do when she outgrows this. She has her own room, but toys etc are accessible for throwing. Mainly we dont want her to hurt herself or break stuff that could then hurt her.

Any advice about options?

AgnesDiPesto Wed 21-Nov-12 14:49:49

You can get larger cots / beds with sides see fledglings

Also safespace

All very expensive. I know people who had done some wall padding and a baby gate / room divider

In theory you are entitled to have this funded - you would need to contact the OT attached to social services disabled childrens team and insist on an assessment. This can be a long process so start now before it becomes necessary. I can tell you now the OT is likely to look at all options other than spending money including you removing every piece of furniture and every toy from the room. We asked for a similar solution and were bluntly told to find somewhere else to store everything or get rid of it!

You can also apply to charities for grants. Again start early.

By the time we needed it DS had made some progress so his transfer to a bed was not as bad as we thought. As we didn't have room to store stuff elsewhere we bought a big sturdy wardrobe and had everything put away - if that had not worked we would have divided the room so there was a soft space end with a mattress on the floor and a toy end and the two were fenced off from each other. We still ended up sleeping on the floor for a while to teach DS to stay in bed. After he learnt he very rarely got out of bed actually. You can also get mats with an alarm which go off when step on it so you know they are out of bed and alarms that attach to the end of the bed and go off when the child crosses the beam - again expect the OT to look at these options first.

proudmum74 Wed 21-Nov-12 15:00:15

Hi - does she have a cot or a cot bed?

My DD (2.8 with severe GDD) has a standard cot bed (with bars) that she'll be able to sleep in for at least another couple of years - could that be a possible solution? We've just taken down the front bar panel and put a lower 'baby dan' bed bar that stops her falling out, but is starting to prepare her for the eventual transition to a bed.

Ineedalife Wed 21-Nov-12 15:19:40

Dd3 stayed in her very small cot until 3 and then moved on to a bed with bed guard. She slept in a gro bag though so escape was more tricky.

We only took the bedguard off this year, she is 10 and now she keeps falling out of bedsad

You could try a bigger cot or a gate on the door.

Good lucksmile

starfishmummy Wed 21-Nov-12 15:59:43

DS has a bed with big cot sides all around from Bevan Beds (can't find a web site, he was a one man firm so may not still be operating). We spoke to OT about it, and they applied for funding from a local charity. The OT also insisted that the bed base rises and falls with an electric motor so that it was easy on our backs, and of course that added to the cost - in fact we have never needed to use it (as the bed is higher than standard ones) other than raising the base to check for lost toys!

As a word of advice - ours has sides that open like gates (opens on either side), but I know of a parent who got one from a different company and it had drop sides like a cot; which she struggled to manage.

zzzzz Wed 21-Nov-12 16:13:59

I would go with a theme and just build it round the bed Iykwim? So normal wooden bed with " princess castle" or "Peppa pig house" made in mdf nailed to it.

Firsttimer7259 Wed 21-Nov-12 16:33:58

Thank you this is v helpful. The links are great (even tho the prices are eye watering) Maybe a cotbed at 140cm length is the cheapest next step plus I will ask OT and see what she suggests.

2old2beamum Wed 21-Nov-12 21:52:52

I am amazed that SS have not offered a SN's sleeping system. Both mine have special beds DS a sleep system and DD a special bed (cot) large enough for an adult (she is 7) Bars and padded sides. BTW we did not pay and we are not stroppy parents

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