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have asked on FB but wondering if anyone who knows a little bit about us could contribute?

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devientenigma Mon 19-Nov-12 10:02:31

here's my post:

bear in mind last years statement has not yet been finalised and the ed rev is already nearly 2 months late......

ok, gonna sit and write my review for ed rev, looks as tho I'm a bit used to this day in day out stuff as I have nothing to say lol, so if anyone wants to contribute, where has progress been made? how have things been since last rev? what strengths does DS have that can be built on? any aspects of behaviour causing concern? what he should be working on next year? and any other issues?


devientenigma Mon 19-Nov-12 10:04:14

I mean really the work we do now should be setting DS up for the future? Maybe for a semi independant life?

Lougle Mon 19-Nov-12 10:25:25

Ok, so my first thought, is that talking about his educational needs is a bit daft when he isn't being educated! I'm not being negative, I'm saying that for your DS 'education' is going to focus mostly around Personal and Social Development, with the main efforts being reducing his anxiety and providing him with a setting which allows him to learn. So I think your contribution needs to be littered with that sort of thing.

Progress made - you are managing to get him out of the house in the car now, aren't you, as long as you take him for a drive afterwards? That's progress on not leaving the house at all.

devientenigma Mon 19-Nov-12 11:09:58

Thanks Lougle, never even gave the anxiety a thought, just kept thinking he's much better since being at home, however my mam pointed out that he's still violent and aggressive just most of his triggers have been eliminated lol, why can't I see the wood for the trees.

Lougle Mon 19-Nov-12 11:19:32

You live with him. You adore him. You are moulding your life around him. He probably doesn't have many problems at home - you take them all away smile This document is about how you are going to get your DS to progress despite all those things that you avoid right now.

Paint it black grin

silverfrog Mon 19-Nov-12 12:02:11

agree with lougle.

I have just done dd1's statement review form. we focussed quite a lot on her anxiety, as she has had a bit of a tough time recently, and been very high maintenance as a result.

we have told it like it is as regards her anxiety - that she gets stressed, that it makes home life very difficult, especially for me as I cannot even breathe withut her panicking and asking 'where are you going?' 'where's mum?' etc, and taking my hand constantly to stroke/pat her.

we also mentioned we would like her OT to focus on sensory integration for the next while, as that does alleviate some of ehr anxiety quite considerably.

when she is stressed and strung out, she doesn't learn, and we all end up sniping at each other. when she is calmer, she may not learn, but we are all happier as a result.

anxiety is a major part of her life, and therefore a big part of her statement. she has a section that focuses on Behavioural, Social and Emotional - this is probably the seciton you want to concentrate on most for now, as nothing else will happen for your ds unless he is more relaxed, and lets go of some of his control/anxiety.

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