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Does anyone know much about expected progress and sub-levels?

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desperatelyneedadvice Mon 19-Nov-12 06:45:50

Ds Maths was at Level 4A in January. The expected year end target was 5A. In July his level was 6C. This progress seems unbelievable - is it likely? I thought that 2 sub levels was generally expected over a year. Either ds is exceptionally good at Maths (he doesn't really like it) or school are marvellous.
He has complex SEN and concentration difficulties and was only attending part -time so missed 1 maths lesson per week. He was also excluded for 4 days and sent to a PRU which meant missing a further 5 weeks of lessons during that period.

coppertop Mon 19-Nov-12 11:46:05

That amount of progress is technically possible, but in your position I think I would want more information from the school about how they arrived at this level for your ds.

My ds (HFA) made 4 or 5 sub-levels of progress in maths during a period of 12mths. He's ever been particularly keen on it tbh but found KS3 maths a lot easier to do.

At primary school they had to learn different methods for doing the same thing, and there was a big emphasis on remembering times tables and being able to work things out in your head. My ds still has difficulty remembering more than the very easiest times tables.

KS3 maths so far has been more about learning new concepts and ideas. They're encouraged to use calculators, so it's easier if you have difficulties with working memory.

If that much progress sounds too good to be true then definitely question it.

hoxtonbabe Tue 20-Nov-12 19:22:05

The expected levels are 1.5-2 whole levels per Key stage, naturally this varies from child to child, but your case sounds similar to mine, all of a sudden the child is making crazy levels of progress.

I dont know what year your DS is but I suspect just entered into Y10 (GCSE and wanting to maintain grades time) as this is when all of a sudden my DS levels shot up out of nowhere with half of his classwork not reflecting this

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