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down day!

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samithesausage Sun 18-Nov-12 19:51:44

Just feeling a bit down really. I have 2 sons with SN, DS3 has a speech and language delay/disorder, DS1 has something which is a bit of a mystery sad.
It all started with the school requesting me to get a diagnosis for him so they can get funding.
So off we went with cahms. It was suggested by a health professional that I could be on the spectrum, and I ended up getting a diagnosis of aspergers.
Currently I am filling out a huge questionnaire thing with the psychiatrist about him. She keeps commenting about how in an observation session he kept doing his own things and shunning peers.
I made a comment about his play when he was little, saying he used to line cars up in a queue...which kinda got pounced on.
I'm getting worried that I'm not answering the questions correctly, or if I get one wrong he's going to get the wrong diagnosis.
Plus I keep trying to guess. Reading up on spectrum disorders to see if he fits in any category. Sigh. I should google less and should chill more. Shouldn't I?

lisad123 Sun 18-Nov-12 20:17:05

brew take your time. These things are never quick and if your honest with your answers then its fine.
I found research helpful, but not everyone does.

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