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Ds 4 with possible asd looking for a little advice please

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drypond Sat 17-Nov-12 18:26:54

My ds is 4 in a few weeks and he as progressed so much in the last 6months but he is still very much into his routines but I was just wondering, how do you get by whe the routine needs to be changed? I get 20 minute meltdowns from ds sometimes if something important to him changes in the day, but he can accept school days and then there's weekend days with no school no problem although he does constantly ask me what happens and what as happened.

With the progress he has made afriend at school, he has known him since he was a baby and came for his old nursery to the new one at the same time. I felt relief but now I'm slightly worried its becoming bait obsessive, he as started saying he hates X because they sat next to the best friend. He got very very upset the other day because they walk with us home but couldn't this day and it set him off for the day. He mentions him a lot and asks what he's doing ect, but is this just him having a best friend? Him being just a nursery aged child and I'm reading too much into it?

Also he's going through a stage of wanting me all the time, hes started asking me to play although he doesn't actually play with me he just wants me there but that is big progress smile some things I. Feel he's just average little boy but other things I just feel its not quite right

chuckeyegg Sun 18-Nov-12 08:11:29

Do you have a routine at the weekend DS loves to be told what we will do the next day and in what order a bit a bind I know and occassionally we have had to change things (which can cause problems) but on the whole it helps. Perhaps a visual timetable I often just draw little pen pictures for him to reassure him as to whats happening.

DS also likes to know what other people are doing and we often make little stories of where they are and what they are doing. I think it helps him understand life goes on around our house as I think at one stage he felt the teachers and peers only existed at school.

DS still likes to know exactly where I am at all times. Things have improved a little since I went back to work. He understands I always come back from work. It's the fear if he doesn't know where you are you might not come back.

HTH xx

drypond Sun 18-Nov-12 17:47:28

Thanks, on the weekends we go to town Saturday and Sunday's we go to my parents for dinner so he does have a routine, he is constantly asking me what happens next, what happened ths morning and wats happening tonight.

At school he is happy to be left but he as the friend, he can't tell me a teachers name yet and he's been there since September. it's exhausting,spent 4 years trying to get him to play games with me but me heis getting demandful with the need or me there, I literally leave the room for 5 secs and he wants me before he would entertain himself if I left him (I didn't though!)

chuckeyegg Sun 18-Nov-12 18:29:29

It sounds like a visual timetable might be helpful, does he have that at school?

It's very hard when they are clingy DS is worse when he is ill. It's something that comes and goes with my DS. Being at school full time has really helped him.


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