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I don't think he'll get this diagnosis

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Gottalovecosta Fri 16-Nov-12 16:18:40

I've just spoken to CAMHS ASD team on the phone, as they are taking so long in dealing with assessing my son. We've had so many problems with him and the stress of this is just too much. So far he's had a play appt with them, they need to go into his special school to assess him and we're waiting for a 3 hour parent appt as well. She's just said to me on the phone that he surprised them as he did so well in the play appt and although they observed quirks and behaviours, overall he was very good.
She did say they have to complete the assessments before they give us an answer but I can't imagine getting a diagnosis on the back of a 'great appointment' - and I can't imagine it'll be this year, or even anytime soon. It's been a year next month since he was referred, I can't see this process ever ending. sad

peekyboo Fri 16-Nov-12 16:32:21

I can understand why you're not happy. It reminds me of when my son started the process at the age of 5. He was extremely sociable and eager to please. He flew through all the psych testing, came to genius level on some and well below average on others.
Instead of investigating the discrepancy, the pyschologist had 3 further appts where she had different students observe my son completing the high-level tests, like he was some wonderful new toy. I'm not being unfair there as no new information came out of those tests and me or my mother was present for each.
It's so difficult when you have to place your trust in others and they have all the power to give you the support or diagnosis you need.

coff33pot Sat 17-Nov-12 02:14:44

Whether they observed querks and behaviours and he did well in the play appointment is besides the point. You still have unanswered questions to what is going on and no wonder that is bringing you down. x

Best thing to do is be a polite PITA and phone every other day for an assessment date. Pick times in the day when DS is particularly stroppy or upset about something or having a mahoosive panic attack despite whether you can hear yourself think after all they will hear him in the background wink

If school are supportive in this then get them to make notes and write letter on your behalf to the GP, Camhs and copy you in too with their observations.

Lots of little bits you can do along the way whilst time is dragging. I do feel for you as the unknown is worse than the knowing to me.

Keep a diary going and dont stop of anything that concerns you or any of DS own concerns about life.

Insidently my DS was perfect in a calm medical environment.

Good luck I hope all this is dealt with soon for you and you get some answers either way and also remember in the back of your mind if you are not happy with them and their end findings you are entitled to request a second opinion.

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