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help - tribunal and witnesses - think ive made a boob so now panicing

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bjkmummy Thu 15-Nov-12 18:31:59

i have to name my witnesses by monday

LA calling ed psych and OT (who is actually on our side and is against the LA but hey ho :-)

im calling my private ed psych and private OT

my sons school cannot meet his needs - needs new school, found a school have it in writing there is a place for him - the LA response to tribunal is that they need more time to consider both OT reports which they have had since end of sept.

my school choice head cannot attend the tribunal as its in half term so he is on holiday - its fine as ive got everything i need of him in writing

i did consider calling someone from present school but the head has gone on maternity leave. we are a primary academy linked with secondary academy. secondary academy senco contacted me today as she has picked up his case. she is not happy with whats going on and the delay by the LA - she mentioned today she would be willing to be a witness for us but needed to speak to the principal.

anywat me being efficent and thinbking not going to do the LA tactic and serve teh papers at the last possible minute at 4.30pm today went to the post office and served my witness list special delivery on tribunal and LA solicitor which they will get tomorrow

got home and at 5.15pm the senco phoned and left a message to say - yes i will be a witness!!!! why o why didnt i wait :-(

my plan is is to contact the tribunal tomorrow and ask for her to be added on - technically i had until monday to name my witnesses so i am hoping they will be sympathetic to me - its not like im doing it the night before tribunal as tribunal not until february - im hoping this makes the LA sit up and blinking do something as we have the schoolas witnesses for us not them which i think is unusual

so please reassure me that teh tribunal/LA solcitor are going to be okay about me changing my witness list that ive only just sent to them! think there is a moral to this story for me

AgnesDiPesto Thu 15-Nov-12 18:42:18

yes they will be fine
The LA were swapping and trying to add witnesses up until 3 days before our tribunal
At worst you will have to fill out a request for changes form to add 3rd witness which will be nodded through.
Its only if you want more than 3 it gets harder.

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 15-Nov-12 19:47:40

Oh please don't worry. Parents stick to deadlines, LAs rarely do but somehow tribunals still go on. You'll have no problem. The only thing that concerns me is why the SENCO is chasing you to be your witness at the 12th hour. Is she REALLY going to stick her neck out and potentially risk her career for a boy she doesn't know very well?

bjkmummy Thu 15-Nov-12 20:54:47

The school have always said they cannot meet his needs. Only reason it's this late is because head went on maternity leave 2 weeks ago. This person has taken over from her. They are an academy so have no loyalty to the lea. She has read all of the independent and LA reports. The schools position is clear - it's frustrating that the LA only defence to all of this is that they need more time. I'm hoping once they see the school again by our side they will finally concede. I think cos they knew the head was going on maternity leave it would leave us in a weaker position. The LA is calling no one from the school as the school are not on the LA side. Their OT is not on their side which leaves the ed psych whose last report the LA ignored and didn't follow his advice. They have now but only as they realise they have to or they will look ridiculous at tribunal by calling a witness whose evidence they didn't accept.

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