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Transition review on year 1, help

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GretaGa Thu 15-Nov-12 13:36:28

Just had my ds's parents evening, he is in yr 1 and he is ASD, ADHD and learning difficulties. My son's school has a communication and interaction centre, where he is able to access lots of 1 on 1 help and he also gets speech therapy twice a week which has helped him tremendously. I was told by the head of the C&I centre that my son has a transition review in April which is part of the statement and part of moving from key stage 1 to key stage 2. My son academically is at least a year behind and his attention span is limited. On the plus side he is a happy and fairly placid child and if he gets stressed will cry, he is also making friendships but just with girls. The head of the C&I centre mentioned 2 local special needs schools which threw me as I thought we were ok, the head of the C&I centre said we were ok at the moment but academically they were worried about my sons cognitive abilities/intelligence and how he was worried that the gap between my son and his peers would get bigger and how my son would cope with this and how a special needs school might fit his needs better. I feel so confused and upset, this meeting isn't until April so I feel in limbo until then. I thought the point of C&I centres were to help children like mine but are my sons problems too much for them and would a special needs school be better. Any advice much appreciated.

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