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Cogmed - anyone tried it

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mrslaughan Wed 14-Nov-12 15:43:43

DS's working memory is terrible - 6th percentile, and it effects him a lot, social interactions, following instructions, academically at school. The psychologist that assessed him, suggested this program and it seems to have great data to back it up. We are looking at doing it over the xmas break, and would love to know if any of you tried it with your DC and how you found it....Did they enjoy it ? (looks like fun) and probably more importantly, did you see results

mrslaughan Wed 14-Nov-12 18:32:29


wasuup3000 Thu 15-Nov-12 00:50:58

I am where you are really my ds is 4th percentile for working memory. So don't know but interested in responses you may get.

mrslaughan Thu 15-Nov-12 09:03:08

hi Wasuup3000 - I think DH and I have decided to go ahead with it - we'll do it over Xmas, so I will try and remember to post back to you.
Its funny, as as DS Sensory issues have come into balance, and his Dyspraxia is being helped, we can see that this working memory thing is a huge part of the picture, it is probably the single biggest barrier to him at school has taken awhile to understand it (for me at least), and I don't think his school gets it at all.
Anyway - I will try and get you posted

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