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Awaiting assessment for DS2

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WiseKneeHair Wed 14-Nov-12 12:58:29

I've lurked on this board for a time and have found it very interesting and informative. I thought now was the time to dive in and ask for some support. grin
I have three boys and have always known DS2 (now aged 8) was different.
He was diagnosed with dyspraxia at a preschool age (about 31/2, I think). This was mainly verbal dyspraxia, but also some degree of fine and gross motor skills dyspraxia.
He's done really well and after several years of SALT his speech is almost normal. He's intelligent, funny and loving.
We all moved house/job/schools 2 1/2 years ago and he has blossomed at his new school. However, DH and I (and the school) think he shows some traits of ASD.
He has an IEP at school and we meet with the SENCO and his teacher each term. I don't think having a diagnosis will make any difference to him at the moment, he certainly won't get any more support from school.
We have debated whether to get him assessed for about a year now. Eventually, we decided to; mainly as I am concerned about when he goes to secondary school and how he will cope then. It may affect where we send him.
So, I bit the bullet and made an appointment to see the GP. He was lovely and has made the referral. He is a new GP, I think, and didn't know whether it would be a CAMHS or a community paediatrician referral, but said he would find out and get the referral done the same day.
So, now we are just waiting.
I guess my main question is what should we expect to happen from here? Mainly, I just want a bit of hand holding.

Thank you if you have managed to read to the end of my mammoth post!


EscapeInTheCity Wed 14-Nov-12 13:23:54

We are right at the start of the process too.
Here our GP sent us to CAMHS. They saw ds2 once on his own and myself once on my own. It took about 4 weeks before we saw someone (any idea what are the waiting time where you are?)

CAMHS hasn't been very helpful so far but at the time, the school wasn't reporting any issues at all and in the right circumstances, you just see a lovely 7yo with no major issue at all.
Hopefully, now that the school is reporting the same issues, this will change.

The other avenue I am looking at now with the school is the ed psychologist.

I have started the process for exactly the same reasons than you. I want to be sure that his behaviour isn't seen as 'naughty' when it is actually AS (eg freezing when out on the spot or lack of eye contact = not listening). Plus the issue of bullying and how he will cope in secondary is worrying me too.

WiseKneeHair Wed 14-Nov-12 13:54:48

Hi Escape
Thanks for answering. I have no idea how long we will have to wait before we are seen. I work for the NHS and know what it's like and am expecting quite a wait. wink
We have the schools support which I think is good.
Yes, it really is the secondary school issue which is concerning me. We have a DS1 who is 10 and due to start senior school next September. He is NT, bright and sociable but even now I'm getting a bit concerned about it. The thought of DS2 going is quite frightening. I know it is 3 years away, but I am not sure how he will cope and I think because of his mannerisms he is a candidate for bullying, too.
Who did you see at CAMHS? I was assuming if we were referred there we would see an Ed Psych? From what I can gather mainly on MN it is usually they that make an ASD diagnosis, isn't it?
Hope you get some support for your DS - let me know how it goes.

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