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Relapses in behaviour are so soul destroying.... :(

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TICKLETUMBLE Wed 14-Nov-12 09:31:54

Maybe he's just having a bad week, maybe the fact the shower broke and he cant use it any more, or that he dog had an operation and is in bandages and being carried everywhere has introduced enough changes to make him insecure and unsure or stress him out......but we have the tantrums and disagreement with absolutely everything he's is asked to do again, even if its a fun thing. Not been like this for a very long time and thought it was in the past.

Oh well, have to learn to deal with the child that presents itself every day I guess. This is a steep learning curve for all of us....

WilsonFrickett Wed 14-Nov-12 09:41:11

Sounds like you're all under a lot of stress ((hugs))

If it's any consolation, after a behaviour relapse DS is always an angel for a couple of weeks and I try to use them to get a bit more insight* into how to deal with him.

*Insight normally consists of:
I shouldn't have shouted
I definitely won't shout again
I should drink more wine

keep on keeping on x

TICKLETUMBLE Thu 15-Nov-12 13:55:16

well, we thought the loss of on eof his class teachers (the very experienced and brilliant one) would make a difference...yes he noticed she is missing and that will cause some insecurity and behaviour issues all on its own.

....but having hung around a couple of times this week, the entire morning routine that worked so well for all the children, but especially for DS, for the first half term has gone out the window and its back to the old chaotic situation of all the kids grabbing any activity they like as a free play for 5 or 10 minutes and then being asked to stop and sit on the carpet for registration, by which time they are engrossed in what they are doing, enjoying themselves, etc etc and have no interest doing boring registration. Least of all my DS.

There are two TAs and a none of them addressed the children to indicate what was expected of them. They were too busy talking to eachother, or talking to parents.

The (4 and 5yo) children are apparently supposed to 'just know' that they sign in (writetheir name to practice handwriting) and then get a book and read on the carpet and ignore all the activities that are out in the room.
With no direction, verbal reinforcement or visual indicators in the room? I dont think so...

In the past I have directed DS to follow the routine, and all that has happened is he is miffed and annoyed when others get to do what he wanted to do because no-one else directs the children to do something else until some time later....

DS was on the laptop, doing bugclub reading (it was set up and ready to use and if i had directed him otherwise he would again have seen other children using it and wonder why he cant use it), so as far as he was conserned he WAS sitting down reading and didn't see why he had to change what he was doing.
The laptop is the one thing he will be drawn to, no matter what and usually its not plugged until they start work with it after registration to avoid any issues with kids fighting over it, or DS refusing to leave it to do anything he was unimpressed and took along time to settle on the carpet as he was upset and confused.

I give up.

TICKLETUMBLE Thu 15-Nov-12 13:55:46

...and all the other schools in the area are just as rubbish


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