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Anyone received a DFG grant?

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clpsmum Wed 14-Nov-12 09:09:25

I'm thinking if applying for a disabled facilities grant to convert my loft into a sensory room/bedroom for my four yr old son with autism. Wondered if anyone had succesfly applied for one and could offer any words of wisdom. Thanks

Lougle Wed 14-Nov-12 09:11:46

I know Riven did, and it was quite fraught with difficulties. The costs came in way over the planned costs, and it was Riven and her DH who had to fill the gap financially.

I do know also, that DFGs won't cover furnishings like carpet, etc, only the room itself.

devientenigma Wed 14-Nov-12 09:18:54

yeah, we have had a DFG but it wasn't for the need your asking and Lougle is right it doesn't cover furnishings.

I don't think parents fill the gap anymore though, DFG covers the whole cost.

They won't convert lofts AT ALL in my area (southish) I can't rmember why but they refused outright.
DO you have garden space for a small room to be built at ground level? That might be acceptable? If however you have a dining room they will suggest that is converted first (they don't believe families need actually living space)

We had a DFG for a wet room..originally it was a bedroom and wetroom but their costings took it to 52K!!! (DFG was 25k ) and needless to say we didn't have the rest so we converted a downstairs room ourselves to make a tiny bedroom.

The work was fraught with difficulties.. the council pick who builds it and they pick the cheapest. You can tell. Such as the lovely indoor fountain we have had down the walls in really bad weather due to their poor lead flashings.....

I would suggest you think of how you could ask for a room that ISN'T in the loft and take it from there. What needs can't be met as he is, what is essential for his SAFETY.... and go from there! Good luck smile

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