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Escorts accident on the school transport bus?

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Itwillbenicewhenitsfinished Sun 11-Nov-12 12:16:33

My 7yr old DD started SS in September. It's a 12 mile journey there and back and she has transport.
The escorts were very nice but it wasn't long before 1was ill and then the other 1 was ill and then both of them were off. Which means DD was getting lots of different escorts and sometimes there was only 1 escort on the bus.
After a couple of weeks of both escorts being off I asked the escort on the bus if they were both ill and was told that the bus they were on had had a small bump, thankfully there were no children on the bus. The bus its self had a tiny dent and scratch and was back on the road the same day. The 2 escorts had apparently fallen through the seat belts and now had put an insurance claim in. I personally have never seen the escorts with a seatbelt on and if that's true, which to be honest I wouldn't have thought possible, then it's a good job there were no children on the bus because obviously the seat belts are safe.
On Friday I got a phone call from transport asking me to take and collect DD up from school for 1 week as there were no escorts for her bus. They said they will send out a petrol allowance form to cover the fact I'm using my own car but obviously that only covers the journeys when my DD is in the car and not for when I go home or back to pick her up.
I am so not impressed because DD hates change and now I'm going to have a week of DD crying as she goes into school because I've taken her in and she's not gone on the bus, (which I know she'll do because the odd time I've taken her in she's been left crying)which she absolutely loves.
I maybe wrong in my thinking and the 2 escorts could have been badly hurt but it seems too far fetched for me, has anybody really slipped through a seatbelt?To me it sounds like they weren't wearing one.
The thing now is I don't particularly want the same 2 escorts back on the bus with DD and if they do come back, which they probably will, I've kind of lost respect for them.

AgnesDiPesto Sun 11-Nov-12 12:58:05

no solution about the escorts but you should def charge for 4 journeys per day - to and fro twice - thats the basis on which the escorts were being paid.

mumof2turds Sun 11-Nov-12 20:47:20

Def charge for the journeys. Is there any one you can ask for more info on accident to ensure your dc safety on the bus?

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