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Secondary school: ?Steiner or not

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Teenytinytoes Sat 10-Nov-12 13:45:49

Hi I would really appreciate your advice re secondary school. My DD is 10 and we had all thought she was either going to the local comp with support or to local resource base for ASD. We have recently been told by her paediatrician and her case officer at the LEA that they don't think mainstream is an option. They gave us a list including a new school opened by the NAS. It only has one child but is local and the staff are all enthusiastic and the premises developing. The only other option is a Steiner school (Cotswold chine) which is a good half hour drive but seems very posh and is more established than the NAS one.

Has anyone had a similar choice to make? Also we've been told firmly not to tell DD as she really wants mainstream with all her friends. I think i agree it would make her v anxious but feel really mean sneaking around viewing schools behind her back. Should we say to LEA we like both and can DD decide a bit nearer time??

Thanks for any advice and opinions.

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 10-Nov-12 14:09:12

Firstly, mainstream is always an option. An expensive option probably as the support required to learn in that environment might be costly, but as a parent it is your right to have her educated there and having friends going there is a good reason to keep her in mainstream.

That doesn't mean that it IS the right option, but please don't be put off it purely on professionals who have a financial interest in your decision.

Secondly, You also have the option of independent schools if you can prove that the NAS school cannot meet her needs (social skills perhaps if there is only one child who has a different) or because it simply can't cater to her needs.

Thirdly, Steiner schools 'generally' aren't good for children with disabilities. The philosohpy that underpins their education implies that disability comes from having been bad in a previous life and they do not see it as their job to help a child overcome what they must endure.

zzzzz Sat 10-Nov-12 16:03:43

I don't think you should feel sneaky looking into options for her ahead of time. One of our jobs as parents is to provide a safe harbour for our children to grow in. Definitely explore all options yourselves before offering her what you think is appropriate. You will save her an awful lot of stress and worry, doing the leg work for her.

I think it is totally inappropriate for anyone to have told you what you can can't tell your child though. angry

Steiner sounds an unusual option. Have you looked into other private providers? Maybe Gabbitas can help, I think they produce a special needs guide????

Teenytinytoes Sat 10-Nov-12 23:42:55

Thanks for the advice and opinions. It makes me feel better to view it as looking for a safe harbour rather than sneaking around. Tbh I do agree with the advice against mainstream for DD as she has found her primary such a struggle. It is interesting what you say re finances though: I had assumed the opposite that it was less costly to mainstream for LEA than provide a place in an independent school plus the transport. I had thought it may be because of the LEA trying to accommodate all the kids in the county that the plans seem to have changed for DD but you never know I guess. I will research the Cotswold Chine school more but it seemed lovely .. Not at all how you describe the Steiner philosophy .

Thanks again!

mumof2turds Sun 11-Nov-12 20:45:10

Hi teeny I looked at a Steiner for primary ed for dds. It wasn't for me tbh they are very against things such as left handedness and other odd things. Also not sure how supportive they are of sn.

justaboutchilledout Mon 12-Nov-12 20:08:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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