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Edward Timpson, Minister of State for Children and Families, LIVE webchat on Tuesday 13 November at 12:00pm

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TheTimeTravellersWife Fri 09-Nov-12 22:42:58

You may remember that we were due to have the previous Children's Minister, Sarah Teather, on Mumsnet for a webchat back in September but she was reshuffled just hours beforehand. So we're very pleased that the new Children's Minister, Edward Timpson, will be here for a LIVE webchat on Tuesday 13 November at 12:00pm to discuss the Government?s proposed changes to special educational needs policy.

TheTimeTravellersWife Sun 11-Nov-12 14:50:16

TBH, I am getting rather tired of repeating myself when asked for my views; I could just as well cut n paste my questions that were for Sarah Teather.....

HotheadPaisan Sun 11-Nov-12 15:07:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HotheadPaisan Sun 11-Nov-12 16:36:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

inappropriatelyemployed Sun 11-Nov-12 18:00:21

Me too.

TheTimeTravellersWife Sun 11-Nov-12 18:46:11

I have relented and posted some of my thoughts - had to reign myself in though, I think that I could write a dissertation on my thoughts on SEN legislation!

sickofsocalledexperts Sun 11-Nov-12 19:16:42

I cut and pasted my Sarah Teather question - sometimes a new broom can be keen to make changes to show his worth and get a "quick win", so we could have a good opportunity here.

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 11-Nov-12 19:21:33

Can I be lazy and ask whoever has found the old thread for ST to post a linky?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 11-Nov-12 19:50:39

can someone who has found it please put a linky to the failed ST thread?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 11-Nov-12 19:51:03

oops, sorry

sickofsocalledexperts Sun 11-Nov-12 19:56:51

Sorry Star I can't do those link things! I put Teather and my name in the search

straweberryjelly Sun 11-Nov-12 20:05:07

Should be interesting!

HotheadPaisan Sun 11-Nov-12 22:49:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HotheadPaisan Sun 11-Nov-12 22:59:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HotheadPaisan Sun 11-Nov-12 23:14:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HotheadPaisan Sun 11-Nov-12 23:15:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HotheadPaisan Mon 12-Nov-12 09:34:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alison222 Mon 12-Nov-12 13:58:33

I have added my question to the thread. I have never done that before.
Ooh a new foray into unknown territory.

inappropriatelyemployed Mon 12-Nov-12 14:15:27

Hothead - not sure I saw this group's submission on the Education Committee's website so thanks for this. I will read with interest.

I think different LAs can have very different approaches to parent input. I know ours considers it little more than a justification for its actions and the parent carer forum here was used as an example of good practice and co-signed the pathfinder authority bid. Yet, I have tried to raise issues and challenge practices through this group and have been completely ignored.

Alison222 - good for you!!

straweberryjelly Tue 13-Nov-12 10:53:02

Dear Tim,

My question is Tim what happens to those children who already have statements of special educational needs???????

Do they get converted to an EHC plan? It's a scary thought!

I am a mother of two children both with SEN one who is Autistic and attending special school I had to 'fight' with the LA to get him into a special school. My child could not cope at mainstream school and the school were not capable of meeting his needs. The process to actually get him into a special school whilst at mainstream almost took a year. A whole year of my child's life was put on hold he continued to struggle on.

My child with ASD has a statement although we are appealing to the SENDIST tribunal as the statement doesn't ‘quantify’ or ‘specify’ provision in line with the Sen Code of Practice like many statements I have seen they are all pretty much the same. If you want your child to receive provision or go to a specialist school you have to battle the LA.

The statutory process is a long tiring process as is the route to tribunal but at least parents have the 'right' to request a statutory assessment and the right to appeal to tribunal with the current system.
If these proposed changes go through they will simply take away parents rights to request a statutory assessment there is no other way in excusing this at all. The new bill waters down the parents’ rights, the parents suffer but mostly importantly our children suffer the most. Do they not have enough to contend with already?It will take away the right from parents to be able to appeal to the SEND tribunal.

I am, like I'm sure most parents tired of fighting the system and battling endlessly just to get an education and support for my children but it's something we all have to do because otherwise our children simply wouldn't get the help or provision they need.

What about those children who have Aspergers, Dyslexia, visual impairment those who have an average cognitive ability the new legilsation does not cater for them at all?

The only advantage is that the age will be raised until 25 which is great and really what the current system should be providing anyway.

Why not just amend the current system and increase the age to 25???

At least with the Sen Code of Practice parent's know what their rights are and the LA know they should write statements in line with the SEN code of practice, although they don't we as parents can at least appeal, why should that right be taken away?

Please do not let these proposals go through everyone will suffer the parents of the children, the children and the schools the list is endless.

This will be the first time that such leglisation is passed to strip away parents rights for getting their children with SEN an education and help they need.

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 13-Nov-12 12:50:18

Bump - last chance!

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 13-Nov-12 12:55:19

Not a single reference to ABA. bet he doesn't know what it is.

alison222 Tue 13-Nov-12 13:07:51

Nor any defence about what he said to the HOC education committee last week about not making time limits or about not making LEAs more accountable for their actions.

messmonster Tue 13-Nov-12 13:10:34

Can I just give these thanks to all the MNSN posters who represented us so well on the webchat just now. I'm at work so have been sneakily reading it but will re-visit tonight to read properly.

I for one really, really appreciate those of you who are taking the time to research the proposals and articulate so well on behalf of other parents like me.

Hope you get your meeting grin


StarlightMcKenzie Tue 13-Nov-12 13:11:28

I didn't think he did bad in terms of keeping up with the conversation though. He was 'there' iyswim.

He probably didn't know the answers to the questions he didn't answer. At least he didn't post patronising nonsense.

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