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Social communication and language report

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sweetteamum Fri 09-Nov-12 21:32:20

Well, it's arrived and describes dd as if they have known her as long as we have. Here goes:

Report from lasc
Dd had delay with speech & language development in early years. She had glue ear and grommets. 
Awaiting lea EP report
Dd is currently attending camhs for high levels of anxiety. 
Social interaction:
Dd was able to make eye contact but was inconsistent & fleeting. 
Does use facial expression but they lack subtlety. 
Turns body towards speaker but can slouch, sit on feet & engage in gymnastic moves while talking. 
Did not engage in any activities, toys etc. 
didn't enquire or comment on conversational cues. 
Dd could name friends but the quality of friendship is limited. 
Communication (conversational skills): From observing dd she demonstrated:
Lack of social use of language. 
Lack of to and fro of conversation unless direct questions were asked. 
Difficulty with verbal sequencing non routine events. 
Limited topics of conversation. 
General lack of emotional responses to verbal and non verbal overtures. Although dd appeared to better understand tone of voice rather than the spoken words. 
Some spontaneous comments offering new information from time to time. 
(How dd speaks):
Dd can use expression but only when motivated by topic of conversation. Often speaks in monotone voice and very matter of fact. 
(What she understands):
Responded appropriate to many simple q's. 
difficulty understanding complex clauses and rhetorical language. 
Demonstrated preference for visual activities. 
No difficulty with simple verbal comprehension skills - q's related to short stories. 
Didn't seem to appreciate banter or humour - very literal. 
Difficulty understanding abstract concepts or non literal language. Knew very few common idioms. 
Struggled to respond to open ended comments or q's. 
Behaviour - restricted. Repetitive. And/or. Stereotypical. 
Surprisingly dd really struggled with any make believe or social imitative play. She couldn't play with toys. She gave a running commentary on what they were, laying them out on the table. Dd said she doesn't like playing with toys. 
Dd does have some special and repetitive interests. Online using laptop. 
Showed some subtle finger mannerisms. 
Can become distressed over changes in environment or routines - High school or rain. 
Dd has difficulty generalising. Appears passive and compliant in school. 
Outbursts without apparent cause. Challenging boundaries at home. 
Limited understanding of own emotions, though she can recognise facial expressions from pics, hypothesising on a reason for the portrayed emotion. 
Been bullied and struggled to forgive and forget. 
Dd is hypersensitive to sound of rain. Unexpected loud noises and smells at school or when someone is cooking. 
Recommendations for school. Careful consideration needs to be given to:
Accessing school building. 
Adult support in entering the school. 
Adult relationships in school. 
Quiet and 'safe' place for initial lessons. 
Motivating learning - ie youtube or laptop. 
A highly differentiated curriculum - very focused on simple use of language and highly structured visual and kinaesthetic activities. 
Use autism and dyslexia friendly strategies routinely. 
Supporting friendships through structured activities and circle time. 
Masking the noise of rain. 
Provide very routine structure. Write out the day before. 
Start with short days and build up over time. 
Providing work for home. 
Summary - dd is an 11 year old who has really struggled with the change in moving from primary to high school and has experienced bullying, had few friends and remains unsettled. Her anxieties has increased the more time has gone on. There appears to be a set pattern of behaviour that needs gently buy firmly challenging. 
In my professional opinion dd has a range of language and social communication difficulties. 

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 09-Nov-12 21:38:34

Are you happy with it? Do you recognise your dd?

sweetteamum Fri 09-Nov-12 22:07:58

To be fair, yes. I think this describes her quite well. Do you think this would indicate ASD to you or could there be numerous dx's to come?

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 09-Nov-12 22:12:22

You should probably ask the author directly, but yes, I would expect those things to be said of a child with asd.

Often a dx of asd is all you get. ADHD, SLI, SPD and Dyspraxia and SpLD can all exist whilst still only having a dx of ASD. It is kind of like ASD trumps everything.

sweetteamum Fri 09-Nov-12 22:36:31

There is due to be a multi-agency meeting in a few weeks, where they are hoping to 'conclude' or decide further steps. Guess it's just a waiting game now but I do think i've got plenty to keep me busy before then grin

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Sat 10-Nov-12 13:47:15

It does read like an ASD report but I think this is what you expected?

What it means in practical terms depends on what you (and DD) want. I think I remember comment that suggested that you thought ms was the wrong setting and that she needs the 'right' school? I'm assuming this is independent ss - ASD/SpLD/school anxiety? Report does not recommend this or anything that could not be provided ms. Personally, I am not happy with SCD rather than ASD.

sweetteamum Sat 10-Nov-12 16:20:20

Thanks Keepon Yes, she will certainly flounder in MS, especially if forced gently persuaded to attend school where she is scared, lots of sensory issues etc.

DD did say what scared her about it and she has shown me a diary she has been keeping over the past few days. It's got a picture of a sad face and goes on to say how much she's hating the school, moving around, size and numerous other things - she was probably writing it down when she felt it as she's been told it's easier to do it that way.

She is continuing to Pull hair and pick scalp/skin and is still adamant that school is the only place that scares her. School make her talk to other people, have friends the same age as her, try to get her to talk in front of people etc etc etc.

I 'presume' she'd said social communication difficulties as she is just one professional who thinks it's some kind of asd, along with community paed and camhs - My brother said the report reads as though they are saying she is on the spectrum (from their pov) but waiting till end of the month to see if all proffs. agree indivudually, as they need to decide where she is on that spectrum.

corrr blimey, it's hard work this parenting lark isn't it ;)

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