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Ed psycht Meeting - feel like we have hit a brick wall. What do we need to do now?- Long

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kyz1981 Fri 09-Nov-12 14:48:53

My son is 27 months and is awaiting assessment by the CDC team, it is pretty much given that he has an ASD and everyone refers to him as being on the spectrum. It is just awaiting the official diagnosis.

He has very bad receptive language and a spikey profile as a whole, developmentally in some areas he is very behind, others he is advanced or at age.

The Pead filled out a form stating that he may have learning difficulties at the same time as she referred him to CDC and us to early birds.

We have had SENCO in nursery and has an IEP- the nursery said they understand PECS but it transpires they don't know how to write an IEP or understand PECS.

We have private reports from his OT and a summery from our private SLT, it turns out they don't/won't even look at these private reports to base the stat assessment on and the ed psychologist says she needs more info from CDC team and reports from SLT to go forward for a stat assessment and if she did it on the private reports we have it would be turned down.

She was very much going down the route of he does not need a diagnosis or a statement to access help - but can see the benefits of my DS having one- even recommending ARC units for him.

She is putting in her report that SLT should be giving input in nursery and will come back and see him in 6 months as he should have been assessed by CDC- She also gave me the warning that I would need to chase SLT up to do a report as they don't tend to /don't want to do them, she also stated that she had just been on a case where SLT was written in to a statement and paid for by the LEA but the SLT team are not delivering it for over a yr due to cancelling appointments, ect so just because its in a statement does not secure it ( the child was in yr 8).

I asked her due to the shitty SLT in the area (it is very bad since Oxford won the bid), if we paid for a SLT assessment if it would help the process and we got a very shrug of the shoulders response.

I just feel we have hit a brick wall and just seem to be going round in circles and every one passing the Buck- !

How do we go about getting the evidence for a statement when all they want is NHS reports?
tHE NHS is beyond slow and actually neglectful when it comes to SLT in the area, how have others got through this and come out sane?

in simple terms what the hell do we do now!

Thanks so much if you got to the bottom of this.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 09-Nov-12 15:01:06

Nah, - you're alright. Just carry on as you were and ignore this person and their nonsense. Private reports are fine and if SALT is written in the statement and not delivered you can take them to court if they don't source a private SALT to cover what is in the statement.

kyz1981 Fri 09-Nov-12 15:52:59

Thanks that's basically what I said about the statement and she just carried on with the you need NHS reports as we need more detailed information, so not sure what to do as she would be the ed Psychologist on the stat assessment team- or she led me to believe this- She also informed me that the CDC assessment might not be the diagnosis assessment (which I was led to believe it was). So now I am really confused and my husband is now saying whats the point of paying/throwing money at private assessments (reports) as it actually means diddly squit, and just to pay for the sessions that help like OT. SALT but without the reports(our SI OT report cost£350)- I can see his point and would much rather spend all the money on treatment that helps him progress rather than just to wave under the LEA nose, but need to protect him, I Hate the system already.

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