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OT what do they do?

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Crawling Fri 09-Nov-12 10:59:49

As the thread tittle sais really what will happen in a occupational therapists session? What will they do?

PolterGoose Fri 09-Nov-12 11:31:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Crawling Fri 09-Nov-12 13:11:59

Thank you very much i didn't have a clue what they did.

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Fri 09-Nov-12 13:13:16

They also carry out standardised tests (mine use Beery & Buktenica) to assess visual perception and motor co-odination.

Galena Fri 09-Nov-12 13:24:50

Our OT only sees us to assess for equipment to be used in the home and at playgroup to make DD's life easier. She has a physical disability and most of her 'treatment' is from physio. The OT organises things like specialist seating, wheelchair services, toileting aids, etc.

So it differs depending on need.

inappropriatelyemployed Fri 09-Nov-12 13:27:57

It differs depending on OTs too. Ours is useless. Very good at doing assessments and reports and handing out leaflets. Useless at problem solving and getting her hands dirty at school.

porridgelover Fri 09-Nov-12 13:32:12

An OT will look at a person who is having difficulty with their daily occupations be it dressing, sleeping, walking, eating, washing, writing, etc.

They will then assess and work on the skills that you need for that activity/occupation So for example, for handwriting you need vision, postural muscles, fine motor skills, proprioception, cognitive skills, midline orientation and ability to cross the midline, praxis, concentration, processing skills, working memory etc etc.
The OT will assess to see what are the demands of the activity, where are the deficits. They will try to mediate the gap in performance (between what exists and what is required) by improving the skill or by modifying the environment.

Crawling Fri 09-Nov-12 17:03:11

Thanks all so at least this is going to help dd as opposed to the usual yes it sounds like she has autism but i cant do anything so im just going to refer finally someone will help.

mymatemax Fri 09-Nov-12 17:27:42

depends, ds2's OT's assess and support his equipment needs, motor function & sensory & processing difficulties.

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