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Need enlarged print-anyone experience of Supernova?

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supermum98 Thu 08-Nov-12 05:10:57

The school are not really enlarging print at all for my ds. He needs n16-18 and n24 for prolonged reading. Most of his notes are hand-written and he can't read them and he can't really read his own writing. Have asked for laptop to be taken into class and his notes by typed, this seems to be a huge hurdle for him and Senco suggested some TA's not computer literate. He is in yr 9 and I want it sorted quickly as frankly he hasn't got full access to the curriculum and yr 10 is approaching. He won't cope at GCSE level without full access. The visual impairment service don't seem to pushing the school hard enough to get this. Can anyone out there give me advice?

BeeMom Thu 08-Nov-12 19:43:03

I am sure this is totally off the wall as Bee is still young and everything presented to her is large type already, but what about audio recording lectures and a hand-held magnifier for handouts?

As for TAs not being computer literate - HOGWASH!! If the TA is supporting him, the TA needs to be appropriately equipped to support him... seems pretty obvious.

For Maths, at a minimum, a handheld magnifier might be the least expensive option (if he can manage it on his own).

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