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What do I ask GP?

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DaveMccave Wed 07-Nov-12 19:59:08

So, last year DD was referred in reception for ADHD. I asked for parenting courses, asked for meeting with SENCO twice. None of these things have materialised. Parents evening with new teacher this year was the first positive one. She is lovely, and said apart from being distractable and fidgety she is coping very well and has no concerns with her asnd she knew nothing about a referral for ADHD so it was obviously never done. (there have been a couple of incidents with biting/hitting but teacher said nothing out the ordinary). I decided to leave it at that as her behaviour was improving at home.

In the last few weeks though at home, behaviour has deteriorated massively. She is having huge meltdowns in public again which I can no longer manage, she is too big for me to carry home now. She is aggressive, tantrums every night and takes hours to calm down and sleep each night. I have found out she has no sense of smell, so wanted to get that checked out with GP. Have an apointment tomorrow, but I have been reading the out of sync child and want to ask the doctor to refer me to someone about sensory processing. What kind of specialist would he need to refer me to?

Someone told me the GP is the wrong person and I need to ask the school, but like I said senco didn't get back to me in the past. I rang up again on monday and was told I'd get a return call on tuesday, and I've still not had one.

Do you think it would be better if I didn't take her with me? I don't want to talk about behaiour in front of her. But she does complain of stomach ache randomly a lot, and I wanted to ask him about that, and wondered if he needed to check her nose/throat about the lack of sense of smell so maybe I need her with me?

cansu Wed 07-Nov-12 20:14:41

Write a list of all your concerns and go to GP on your own. Ask for referral to a developmental pead who can then assess her.

mariammma Wed 07-Nov-12 22:19:22

Neurodevelopmental paediatrician, community paediatrician or CAMHS are your first step. Which one the GP refers to will depend how services are set up in your area. Make sure you present it as a medical/ 24h issue and not just an education problem, or you'll be pushed back towards school-based services.

The tummy ache and nose stuff should probably be done in a different appointment. Remember they only get 10-15 min per appointment per
patient. I wouldn't ask for sensory referral (specialist occupational therapist ) just yet. It's a bit new and
controversial, and might distract your dr from 'something is wrong, so
please send us to the best local consultant'. You can book again for the OT referral in a few weeks wink

mymatemax Wed 07-Nov-12 22:59:31

Developmental or community paed would be your best course for referal they can look at developmental & physical stuff so will be able to look at her as a whole person IYKWIM rather than separate CAMHS appnts & someone different for tummy & smell etc.
Could tummy ache be linked to worry/behaviour?
It is not uncommon for behaviour to be worse at home if improved at school, maybe she is trying really hard to comply and cope at school & letting it all out on you?
Keep a diary of behaviour for a few days, as well as highlighting anything to discuss with gp it may help you identify triggers for meltdowns.

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