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ADOS test Monday..

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Happydays85 Wed 07-Nov-12 19:36:54

Hello all, had first private consultation today with a very thorough hour and half spent going through concerns and family history Etc, she has said would like to do a ADOS test on my Dd. what does it involve and if outcome is autism what's happens next?

beautifulgirls Wed 07-Nov-12 20:59:51

DD had the ADOS done. It was pretty relaxed from her point of view. She was in a room with a SALT she had met before from the team and as far as she was concerned she was just there to play. DH and I were behind a two way mirror and there was a sound link from the room so we could hear everything. The rest of the ASD team was in with us. The SALT clearly had a set series of things to engineer into the conversation and they were gauging how DD reacted to each of these. eg DD went on about one of her obsessions and the SALT clearly said "Oh DD I don't think that is my favourite animal" which was then ignored by DD. She repeated it to ensure DD had heard and understood and DD continued to ignore the lead which NT children would usually have then asked the obvious question as to what was the SALTs favourite animal. There were attempts to get her to do imaginative play, pressure to change her point of view and lots of general chit chat about her opinions on things as I recall. After the session was complete the team had a short meeting and then we were given the results.

Afterwards...not a lot happened really. We were given info sheets about ASD and DLA etc. We were already in the process of trying to get a statement for school anyway. We were also given info about local autism support groups and now I regularly get info re meetings with them that I can attend (evening talks and coffee morning type things)

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