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..and the merry-go-round starts again....

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TICKLETUMBLE Tue 06-Nov-12 11:20:37

The excellent teacher that has made so much difference to DS in just one term has not returned after half term and will not be back again (have a feeling she clashed with the HT as she overturned a lot of stuff the HT insisted upon despite other teachers and TAs thinking it was not helping, and has been told to get lost).
We are back to the untennable situation of the full time HT also doing 2days teaching.......not possible to do both well (for her anyway) and she has a personality that rubs DS up the wrong way (fluffy, ineffectual and inconsistant).
DS is already being testy...seemingly doing every single thing he knows he shouldn't - unsafe behaviours and making a fuss or simply just carrying on when told to stop, ignoring reasonable requests and arguing with adults, being aggressive to his friends.
All that stuff had disappeared, and now its pissed off.
Not a good start to the term at all... sad

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