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Hello mummies and daddies please help .....asd/autism ect

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bethanmummy2 Mon 05-Nov-12 21:40:06

Hello I have a little boy Lucas hes nearly 3 I keep thinking something is wrong then on the next hand I am denying it its such a confusing feeling sad. He has been in playgroup for the last 9 months. anyway I would just like some advice or opinions please........

So I have secretly been thinking Lucas wasnt the "typical" child for a good few months, to me he always stood out compared to the others and acted differently.

here are some of his traits personality-

speech is basically a different language although has improved huge ammounts (I understand him most people dont) hes has an appointment for speech therapy.

He wont play with the other children at playgroup he constantly pushes and throws toys at the children, wants constant 1 to 1 attention with the adults, Wont sit for song and story (never has) climbs over the other children runs into the walls, Lucas will do "time out" and apologize and has never come off time out ever but with in 2 mins he will have hurt another child.

He mimics the other children when I drop him off he will look at my oddly and say buy moey (mum) bye daa copying everything they say. He responds very well to one to one out of the room but with in 30seconds hes off again he runs around the room unsure what to play with, sometimes he runs with his head to the side and eyes to one corner (also refereed to squint clinic)

he often acts deaf and wont respond to his name, he often covers his ears with the song time and noises when they play certain games he will push all the children over. He hates things being in his hands, a child brushes past him he lashes out

we shop in order he will cry if we have to go back not forward in a shop, he has a baby sister and ha only held her 2 times (shes 8 months)

He will look me in the eye for 1second then he is looking around me and to the sides, he makes baby noises like eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh for what and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiii for like yes ect he has also started saying things like mamamamamamamamamamama like a babay.

His development is fine and he is above the average of his peers but he does not know how to be with his peers, in social situations he has melt downs. He finds it very hard to move on from things if there is a few things on offer.

to me it seems like he is constantly over stimulated and doesn't know what to do for the best. we are waiting to see a pediatric....

Play group keep a diary and he really is like jeckal and hyde !!! He wont eat hardly anything and holds food in his mouth and he would hold it for hours !!

please any advice or opinions thank you !!!! there is so much more I have written to much already

porridgelover Mon 05-Nov-12 22:16:05

From your heading I think you must have thought about ASD already.
I presume you have also spoken to the playgroup and your GP about your concerns?

Think about keeping a diary of his behaviours; what he finds easy, what has set him off, how he reacts to new situations, eating patterns, how he sleeps, how he reacts to other children.
When you get to the Paediatrician, having diary and even video evidence of his behaviour is useful. Too often, children perform wonderfully for the professionals leaving us look over-anxious.
Best of luck.

bialystockandbloom Mon 05-Nov-12 22:20:41

Hello, and welcome to this board.

Many of us here have dc with asd, and know exactly what you're feeling. My son is 5yo now, and was diagnosed when he was 3 and a half. The ages from 2-3 were terrible, I spent every single day worrying "is he/isn't he", trying to reassure myself when he did something normal one day, then the next day I'd leave a toddler group in tears when it was obvious how different he was to the other children.

I have to say your description of your ds does have some similarities to mine at that age - eg the echoing what others, say, and not knowing how to be with peers. Obviously I, and no-one on this board is going to be able to say if your son does have asd or not (or anything else). But it is good you are already on the waiting list to see a paediatrician, as there do seem to be a few red flags.

But lots of positives too - the fact that he is copying other children is a great sign - even if he does turn out to have a developmental disorder or delay such as asd, being able and wanting to copy others is so important, as he will definitely be able to learn lots that way.

Also good that his nursery sound like they're supporting you, and hopefully their observations will help the paediatrician get a wide view of what's happening.

Keep posting here, there is so much advice and support. Parents in your situation are often recommended to get a copy of the Hanen book More Than Words, which (though I haven't read it myself) is supposed to be full of great info about how to improve communication and help with difficult behaviour. Also, keep posting here for help with specific problems with eg behaviour, as there will be lots of advice given.

One last thing (sorry, this is v long!) - we tend not to give our or our children's real names here - doesn't really matter, but we tend to keep anonymous just so people can't identify us in real life. "DS" stands for dear son, "DH" dear husband etc.. Might be worth taking out your son's name in future posts.

Hope this helps.

bethanmummy2 Mon 05-Nov-12 22:31:25

Thank you for your replies yes seen HV already , she agrees there are issues and not consistent with a behaviour issue she had referred him to audiology, squint speech therapy and pediatrics. The playgroup brought concerns to me and urged me to go to te health visitor. Yes I was secretly thinking he was @different" and seemed to like it but I then think ..... Maybe not it's so frustrating !! The play group are being very good taking him out for 1to1 and diary ect. I know it's going to be a long haul but I just want him to get any support he may need sad I want the best for him and it's annoying speaking to family who's natural thing is to defend which doest help at all.... X ps I don't mind knowing names

bethanmummy2 Mon 05-Nov-12 22:34:16

He just seems over stimulated constantly especially in play group type settings , doctors , shops ect

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