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Friend suspects ADD, advice please

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Temporarynamechanger65 Mon 05-Nov-12 17:12:26

I have namechanged for this to ensure my friend isn't recognised. My friend has asked my advice about her DS. (As I am obviously an expert! hmm ) I don't know him very well, but he's definitely quirky, a bit of a loner and very disorganised. He's 12. She has printed off the DSM IV diagnostic criteria and she reckons he ticks every box of the inattentive, non hyperactive, non impulsive Attention Deficient Disorder criteria. Is there a UK equivalent, does the Connors questionnaire cover non hyperactive ADD?

Unfortunately I know very little about ADD, my DS has ASD and all his problems seem to be covered by the ASD and sensory issues.

What advice should I be giving? I have said to go to GP with her written list of concerns, with real life examples etc and to ask for a referral to a developmental paed. Their schooling situation means that they will have to pay for an EP as due to their DS's difficulties with classmates and self esteem they opted for a small private school. (Much better for him than the local hothouse state secondary, they hope.) They will do this, they aren't adverse to getting a DX if it will help them to help him.

She wants advice on strategies to help him with his organisation and processing. I've suggested timetables and colour coding school work etc. She feels that she's always been on at him, and is feeling guilty about that and wants to know how much she should be pushing him. How much of his behaviour is down to ADD and how much is just general lazy boyness. He's not doing particularly well at school and she feels he's not achieving his potential.

Is this the correct route, do paeds DX ADD? I don't think a statement is on the cards as they will be working within the private school system. And his needs are probably not severe enough. Are there any books you'd recommend? thanks in advance.

moleskin Mon 05-Nov-12 17:26:54

Yes my dd was dx by a peas. Yes Connors covers ADHD, add, ODD and something else I can't remember, maybe anxiety? The out of sync child is good , also In the syndrome Mix.

Temporarynamechanger65 Mon 05-Nov-12 21:52:44

Thanks, moleskin thanks Book recommendations look good, too.

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