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CAMHS appointment tomorrow (at last!) - what do I need to know?

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Shagmundfreud Mon 05-Nov-12 09:56:38

DS has been on the waiting list since January so we're relieved to finally have got an appointment. He's got a 'working diagnosis' of aspergers.

Can anyone tell me how these assessment appointments go? What do I need to remember?

The funny thing is that there has been a really marked changed in DS's behaviour since going up to juniors this term - in a positive direction. Having been removed from class several times a week throughout last year (and threatened with exclusion from school trips), plus him walking out of class and point blank refusing to co-operate with his teacher, he's been very good this term and made huge strides in his writing (he came up to juniors with a 1C in his writing). I think it's some of this change is to do with having a TA who likes him and is warm to him, rather than having loads of 'support' from a TA who has a face like a smacked arse, clearly dislikes him and hasn't the first clue about what 'aspergers' means. He's very sensitive to other people's responses to him - he can't cope with other people being angry or frustrated with him and has a very negative reaction to it. This year his TA is firm but kind and it seems to be making a difference to how he feels about school, and his ability to manage his emotions in class.

I've been warned against emphasising the positive progress he's made this last term, and I'm aware myself that it is quite likely to be a phase. I appreciate that things get better and worse from month to month.

I'm not sure what I'm hoping to get from this assessment, other than a formal confirmation of what we already know.

I'd like someone to acknowledge and maybe explain some of his more baffling behaviour - clothes chewing, cutting holes in things, insensitivity to cold, and to suggest ways we can help him with those aspects of the curriculum he massively struggles with - namely writing. (because he can't cope with frustration).

Any thoughts?

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