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I'm so overwhelmed with the appeal process - I can't focus

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sweetteamum Sun 04-Nov-12 07:15:06

LA have refused to assess DD and we're appealing their decision. We are appealing on the grounds that she is very complex and has various needs rather than just one issue.

I'm starting to flap and going over things in my head --that are probably not ----even relevant!!--and going off in other directions!!

- How do I know what to send in? - even after reading all manuals etc i'm worried i'll send too much information and it won't even be *relevant--

- Do I send emails as far back as first contacting the school, where I made it clear DD had SEN? And that this would have an effect on our choice of school.

- Do I put copies of all the phone calls i've made to the school, lea, parent partnership? - when I was practically begging for help

Sorry to sound confuddled but ive not slept very well and as we're all living, breathing & eating sen, I knew you'd understand.

- Oh, just before I forget. I was on the LEA website looking for the Data Protection form, but it says it needs to be handed in at the local town hall - is this even right? surely the town hall will only have my details confused

bjkmummy Sun 04-Nov-12 08:09:33

It doEs feel overwhelming especially as normal life and the stress of that still has to continue,

With the data protection it's the child's name you are applying for so you may need to take in his birth certificate, dla form etc.

My appeal is for parts 2 3 and 4 so what I sent would be different. If you go onto the ipsea website there is a very good guide in there called - failure to assess - it's written by a very good solicitor. I used it to help me go understand what I needed to send.

This morning it's all going round in my head what us missing from the dat protection stuff so totally understand how you feel.

Just try and remember you are doing this as your child's advocate and their voice and make sure you make time for you.

inappropriatelyemployed Sun 04-Nov-12 08:59:54

It is such a confusing process.

You need to send in evidence to support the need for an assessment. A statutory assessment should be granted when a child has SEN and may need a statement.

Focus on this: the evidence of SEN and the evidence of why this cannot be supported at school. At statutory assessment stage this usually means arguing that the needs are complex and only a SA will identify them all and the provision required to meet them.

I wold divide the needs up along the lines of the SEN COP Part 7. - e.g communication, emotional/behavioural, physical and write a bit under each sending any evidence to support what you as saying. If this is set out in email, send copies but only if relevant to the issue of your child's needs and the need for an SA.

As for the DPA, all you need by law is a request in writing, by law, but you can be asked to show ID and pay a fee.

cornybeefhash Sun 04-Nov-12 11:17:13

When I wanted the LEA to rewrite ds's crap (and incorrect) draft statement IPSEA advised me to go through the professional reports and highlight the statements that best illustrated his needs/difficulties and then to refer to them when stating his needs. I found this really helpful.

I did refer to communications between home and EWO/PP etc in my application and was advised to do so by a good source as it showed that all avenues had already been explored in trying to meet his needs.

sweetteamum Sun 04-Nov-12 12:31:33

Thank you all so much. I'm more focused on the task in hand now.

A lot of the emails are correcting what the school have told lea and vice versa - they are not worded funny at all. They simply give the correct information and it may show the school are saying they r giving her more help than she actually receives.

One of the very early emails also refers to the SENco being on sick leave and deputy head with no knowledge of sen has taken over some responsibilities.

I'll scribble all over the COP later.

Thank you very much again smile

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