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Private Reports OT, SALT &OT

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straweberryjelly Sat 03-Nov-12 21:49:36


Can anyone pls advise. I have a DS 6 I'm appealing his statement pts 2,3,4.

I have been told by various people, charities that it would be in our best interests to get independant reports for OT, SALT & EP.

I have a date for triubnal next yr. The reports the LA have done for all three are needless to say no good! I have no idea how much SALT or OT DS needs and everyone has said if I pay for private reports I will understand DS's needs much more.

I know it would be worth it but would like to know what happens @ tribunal for instance when the LA produce their reports & I have independant reports and if they are different and my OT, SALT say DS needs X amount of SALT how do the tribunal decide who to go with?

The SALT & OT from the LA haven't said how much theapry DS needs but an independant SALT, OT will suggest so how do the tribunal work out what's best & who is right?

Do you think the LA will get their experts in to actually specifiy once they know I'm getting private reports just to out do ours??

What if the reports are conflicting I'm guessing they will be? I know the LA don't want to say how much SALT, OT as they will have to provide but if my SALT & OT say he needs X amount a week will the tribunal order that & will the LA have to provide it???

I'm weighing up if all the private reports will be that usefull and will he actually get better provision.

Anyone with experince or advice...any replies welcome.


bjkmummy Sat 03-Nov-12 23:19:57

Ideally you want your reports to be the most up to date.EPs get booked up really quickly. Mine is coating £600 plus £550 for tribunal. OT cost £700 and £600 for tribunal, my SALT was£150

The tribunal will listen to the evidence and take it from there. LA reports are renowned for being unquantified that's why it is best to get your own. My LA told their OT they were not allowed to discuss placement whereas mine recommends special school plus she is much more qualified. The LA OT isn't really qualified to write the report. When it comes to tribunal and qualifications mine will be better.

I would also recommend doing a data subject request for all the files the council hold. Mine came yesterday and it makes very very interesting. Since I appealed, the LA have started to be very nice to me. Think they will be even nicer as I got a letter from the tribunal today with 2 orders in my favour :-) let battle commence :-)

Delalakis Sun 04-Nov-12 08:39:17

You need to make sure the experts are experienced in tribunal work. They in turn need to be able to explain their views and why they differ from the LA reports, assuming that they do. The tribunal will basically go with the experts who come over most credibly and knowledgeably, who give good reasons for what they're saying, who seem to know ds best, etc.

straweberryjelly Sun 04-Nov-12 15:20:50

Thanks for your replies all.

bjkmummy I was told £800 for an EP report I guess they differ

£150 SALT really??
I was told by the SALT it would be around £800 + extra to attend tribunal I haven't managed to get hold of an OT yet! I'm trying to get them booked up quickly as you say they get booked quickly.

Its crazy that LA's can get away with not givi ng detailed reports but of course I understand why!

My LA is the same they want to 'work with me' and be my best friend now but like you it's only because I'm apealing!! So nice to hear that the triubnal are making orders in your favour too, I'm sure your LA will be pleased no end smile

I have also applied for the data on my child its due very soon I can't wait to read through it I'm hoping that will help with my appeal!


I have checked and all the people I'm hoping to use do tribunal work I guess thats part of the reason they are so expensive. I'm hoping they will be more qualified then the LA experts I know their reports will give much more information. Find this process tiring but I guess thats what the LA want!

Thanks both

bjkmummy Sun 04-Nov-12 16:06:48

yes my salt was only £150 - i was pretty shocked and her report was really good and specifies part 2 and 3. she is also experienced at tribunal and gave me some good advice - she was so shocked by what she saw with my son taht she wrote the report in 'tribunal' style at no extra cost as she wants to ensure he gets the help he needs. i also had quotes od £1200 for salt. My ed psych originally quoted £800 but now the paperwork has come through its £600. my data was very very interesting - i should be working on it now rather than being on here! im asking for all the stuff that is missing.

private reports are so much better than anything the LA produce it really is an eye opener - so far my son has received extra dx of hypermobility, severe dyspraxia. speech and language disorder, SPD and so it goes on - as each report comes in much more needs are being identified and this is for a kid whose statement was only finalised less than a year ago!

straweberryjelly Sun 04-Nov-12 17:37:14

Wow thats amazing for a good SALT report well done to you for getting it sorted. It's nice that the SALT went the extra mile for your DS.

I can't wait for the data protection stuff I'm hoping I will find out lots there!

I can' believe it has resulted with extra DX too the LA will have to take notice now surely. It gives you knowledge and you will know what your DS actually needs.

Maybe they quote high to start with to cover everything.

Will let you get back to your paperwk...It's never ending with paperwk once you start this process.

Good luck & thanks for your reply.

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