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data protection request - got it back and loads of stuff is missing

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bjkmummy Sat 03-Nov-12 13:06:03

some quite important stuff as well - the school sent the LA 70 plus pages of documents post emergency review - most of that is missing though some is there so they clearly have had it. the meeting report is missing where the head clearly states they cannot meet his needs and he needs a new school placement. The SEN officer notes do not say anywhere that the school had said this!

there is talk about a meeting where they were to discuss what happened next - no record of the meeting or minutes

i know my head sent a damning email to the LA after a pariculary bad meeting with the LA - the papers mentions emails between them and the school - these minutes are missing. i know also tehre were phone calls to the school - no records of these phone calls.

also found out some pretty shocking stuff as well about meetings held years ago refusing me respite that i knew nothing about.

so my plan is to go through it all gain this weekend and copy things which show things are missing and ask for the documents. they did not say that anything had been held back for any reason. they did not give it me within the 40 day deadline so now im a bit peeved that stuff is still missing.

how long do i give them do you think to get the additional missing to me or an explanation about where it . if they refuse to send it i will need to probably then go and ask the tribunal judge to order it to be released.

whatthewhatthebleep Sat 03-Nov-12 13:28:16

Did you apply for data protection doc release from every source of info? I mean did you make requests to LA, school/ed dept, SW dept, GP, Hosp, etc individually?
I just wonder if you will only really be provided fully by doing requests to every dept involved.
also requesting any communication details, eg emails, phone records between parties, etc
I think it is the only way to be fully aware of every input, info and details and would imagine you may only have the bulk of that dept paperwork, etc and maybe they won't share every aspect because it's originated from somewhere else a letter from school to LA may not be fully released because it was school who originated, etc, etc...just wonder if this is reason for missing info and docs???...I don't know exactly but I'd wonder if this is maybe a reason??

Iceflower Sat 03-Nov-12 13:59:00

whatthe is right, the exclusions will be because they are "3rd party information" hmm

Iceflower Sat 03-Nov-12 14:02:47

Nothing to stop you sending evidence from school to tribunal yourself smile, if you have those documents. If not, make a request to school.

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