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Amended Statement. Incorrect info used to formulate it!

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Shellywelly1973 Sat 03-Nov-12 02:34:12


Need some advice about my ds Amended Statement.

There was an Annual Review for ds last December 2011 as ds was leaving mainstream.

Ds started ss in Feb 2012.

Another Annual Review in June 2012.

LEA sent me the Final Amended Statement yesterday BUT its based on the Annual Review in December 2011 from mainstream school. Included in the letter a copy of the meeting from Dec 2011. It does name ds new school. There is no reference to the Annual Review in June 2012.

I've got the usual 15(now 14 days) to respond. Should i point this out to LEA or just leave it as ds gets much more support in his new placement, then is actually detailed in his new Amended Statement.


SallyBear Sat 03-Nov-12 08:56:36

We have that too. DS4 funded 30 hrs in ms. Moved to SS in April where the whole funded hours thing disappears because it's included for every child. My DS's SS costs approx £35k pa per child. A lot more money than ms were getting to pay a TA!

They had a new amended statement drawn up for the new SS in July, as he had changed schools and there is a slight change in direction etc. I am waiting to get it signed off and back from the LA soon.

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