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How to keep ds2 with sensory issues grounded in the playground

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LargeLatte Fri 02-Nov-12 15:32:47

DS2 (5) just wants to push other kids and for them to push him back which is totally isolating him.

He needs something to ground him. Therapist recommended a weighted backpack for him to carry around. I was wondering about a backpack with a heavy bean bag style toy inside so he has a reason to carry the backpack (because his little friend is inside), and then he can take the toy out and play with it / talk to it if he is bored or lonely at playtime. I was also wondering if it could sit on his lap to provide so pressure, and if I can find one that feels nice then that's his tactile fiddle toy sorted too.

How does that sound? Would it work? Any suggestions for where to buy?

mymatemax Fri 02-Nov-12 18:26:14

ds2 wouldnt cope without his "camp" at playtime.
School have a few pop up tents for the kids to play in, one of them is for children on ds2's table in his class.

They use various rotation/star/reward type systems for all the other tents, dont think anyone has worked out that ds2 always gets to go in his tent. He has a big fleecy blanket in there that he wraps around himself.
The others on his table are football lovers so very rarely go in there so mostly he ahs it to himself.

BeeMom Fri 02-Nov-12 19:13:51

I think your idea is great! DS had a sand filled lizard toy that weighed about 2 or 3 kg when he was that age - he carried it on his shoulders or sat it on his lap. His teachers commented that they really saw a difference in him. He also had access to a weighted vest that was made of neoprene (the wetsuit material) that I made to wear when he couldn't have "George" (his lizard) with him.

He was a VERY sensory child - a combination of seeking AND avoiding - and these things helped a lot.

DD, in the other hand, has trouble in open spaces... so the tent would be a huge reward/motivator/refuge for her.

porridgelover Fri 02-Nov-12 19:56:14

LL...... looking for pushing and to be pushed; sounds like proprioceptive input that he is looking for. Is there a TA/sensitive teacher that can give him that? E.g. ''push the walls of the classroom out, we need more space here''. Or supervised wrestling? Lots of ideas here.
The neoprene vest idea is also a good one but be aware that the effect wears off as the brain adapts to the it might be good for a while at school but then need to come off.
A weighted lap cushion (could you make something with beans or sand?) may also help?

porridgelover Fri 02-Nov-12 19:58:43

Or this one?
Someone was being inventive!

LargeLatte Fri 02-Nov-12 20:13:46

Great - thanks for your input friendly MNrs. I am just getting the hang of spotting a behaviour, understanding it and then thinking of a colourful solution, and you all have such great ideas.

I like the idea of a safe place to push. That is how we have coped with undesirable behaviour in the past eg 'no you may not swing off the bannisters, come and play tug of war instead'.

The school are supportive but out of ideas so I think if I came to them with a concrete idea then they would go with it. He has a sand filled frog that he loves but can't take it to school as seams keep blooming splitting so need to look for an alternative.

Thanks for the Pinterest board Porridge - I never thought of looking there.

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