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Friday thread

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zzzzz Fri 02-Nov-12 11:45:27

I know not even twelve ywt and starting the thread. You know i have no self control.

Funny week here. First lovely meet up with mn sn sw in Exeter. How nice to see you all. Especially nice because of lovely comments on ds's speech. I know it is improving but it is so nice to hear it, because sometimes I feel it can't be true.

coffee brought her lovely boy and party bags for the children the likes of which have never been seen in this household. sign brought fudge that was so delicious it had to be tasted to be beleived. NaHauldin had organised everything and chosen the perfect room. kMummy's boys wowed us with their looks and outfits and general all round niceness. polty's boy kept us up to date with insect trivia vital information, and was lovely and serious and engageing.

The last few days have been far less entertaining. i have the most hideous cold and am feeling very sorry for myself. The house is a tip and I am behind with everything.

So obviously I am mn-ing. grin

Bluebirdonmyshoulder Fri 02-Nov-12 11:52:47

Sounds like a nice meet up!

Have had a couple of medical appointments for DD, joined the MN Special Needs section, went for a run and had lunch with a friend. My house is also a tip and am also behind with everything.

Being brave and going to a bonfire party tomorrow. We need to stop hiding from the world.

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 02-Nov-12 11:58:56

Snap house a tip, school uniforms not ready for Monday, load of shopping just delivered to unpack so of course I'm mn-ing.

At least I don't have a cold. Dd still suffering joint pain. She's on steroids now sad.

About the meet up; I was thinking this morning we had up to 6 boys aged 1-9, 4 with sns and apart from the brothers none of them had met each other before in a room for up to 4 hours. And it was fine, no meltdowns, no fighting, only a few tears. I know those who had their children there were working hard on managing and all the adults were understanding, but I think that if you presented that scenario to any random parent or professional they would say it was a recipe for disaster. Which just illustrates that SN mothers are fabulous!

MammaTJ Fri 02-Nov-12 12:13:34

MNing is the thing to do when everything else is overwhelming. Well, I think so anyway.

MY DC have gone with my DP to see his parents so I can get on with course work. So obviously I am on here! grin

SallyBear Fri 02-Nov-12 13:40:42

Just been to Bea's funeral. Very lovely village church. The sun was shining brightly. A packed church with beautiful readings and hymns. Afterwards the family organised a balloon release - 403 for every day of her life. I met up with another MN TCOB who drove to just be there and to pay her respects to an inspirational little girl. I was lucky to have known her. smile

As for half term - very low key week here. Piles of washing to get through, revision to do for my Maths exam on Tuesday (oops!) and trying to tidy up after four dc! I have managed to rustle up some nice meals as I had a few days of feeling inspired. blush it didn't last long!

zzzzz Fri 02-Nov-12 13:46:19

The procrastinating continues. I irritate myself!

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 02-Nov-12 14:33:45

It's been a busy week here. They are back at school, but there has been trick or treating, a first aid course fr me, usual scouts, explorers, cubs, swimming lessons. Tonight a fireworks display. Tomorrow a fair banding test for DS3 for one of the local comps which you have to do if you want to be considered. He's in Y6.

Things seem to be moving ahead with divorce proceedings. It's taken ages to try to pin dickhead down to agree some post 18 support for DS2. He was all for 'supporting him directly' post 18. DS2 may be capable of handling his own money and care at 18, but i don't know many NT boys of 18 who are! Hates the idea of having to give me money. Finally agreed to support him for 5 years post 21, 'if he needs it.'

Anyway, rant over. blush

I've posted on Bea's thread. It does put things into perspective.

I'm sorry the SW meet was to far away this time for a school day. Maybe Swindon next time? I could always have a sickie? wink

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 02-Nov-12 14:34:11

Argh, too far away.

SallyBear Fri 02-Nov-12 14:38:09

Busy listening to DS3 perfecting his mwahahaha laugh while playing Bad Piggies on the iPad. Apparently they're bad AND they're nincompoop piggies Mummy. grin

PolterGoose Fri 02-Nov-12 15:08:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ouryve Fri 02-Nov-12 15:09:35

Sounds like a lovely meetup. I'm at the other end of the country, so pretty jealous!

We've survived half term! DS1 spent his first ever night away from us last weekend - having a sleepover at my mum's 100 miles away with his cousin, who also has ASD, but is a few years older. It's a first time the boys have ever spent any time together without a houseful of noise to stress them both out. DS1 did very well, but had a bit of a delayed come down in the form of a rather melty Tuesday. He's been (mostly) lovely the rest of the time.

DS2 has reached new heights of mischief. He finally sussed that, if he pulled up a chair, he could open the catch that was keeping the cupboard under the stairs shut. This gave him free access to the Dyson, which he spent all his time dismantling. I moved the Dyson into the kitchen, so instead, he spent all his time dragging me to the gate wanting me to let him at it or going into the cupboard and messing about with a socket that had been put in there in a rather Heath Robinson style. So I had to move the table in front of the door, much to DS1's displeasure (this was big meltdown day.)

Thankfully, DH has replaced the catch with a padlock. grin

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 02-Nov-12 15:19:04

ouryve well done to your Ds's night away. That's a big step.
I am so glad to be well past the into everything stage. (Though they still haven't sussed the 'putting things away when you're finished with them'.)

Ellen sorry you're having so many hoops to jump through re the divorce. Your right don't think many 18yr olds regardless of sn/not sn could cope with all their own care and finances.

zzzzz Fri 02-Nov-12 16:14:59

polty it wasn't you. Dd has been snuffling all week. I have probably passed it to the lot of you. sad. I'm sorry.

Yes, NaHauldin it wasn't so very hard to accomodate them all was it? But then unlike the rest of the world we were trying.

I am thinking of Bea and her family today. How lucky I truly am, and how much I wish I could help.

Handywoman Fri 02-Nov-12 16:15:11

I have mostly had a lovely week, enjoying being off the school-run-hamster-wheel. Both my girls went trick-or-treating with friends in the rain, with friends and their parents. Made a cock up at work yesterday and woke at 3am in a panic and had to phone in this morning like a nervous wreck – all fine though. As a result I am cream crackered from nervous exhaustion and back in work tomorrow (work at hosp).

DD1 (dyslexic) is knackered after a marathon sleepover with her bessie. And she got a lot of 'help' from me and we whizzed through it but could barely spell a thing correctly, also ahem 'helped' by me – school homework in the hols is bleurgh and should be banned.

DD2 (?asd) has a friend over today, she has been surprisingly ok. Only some minor issues this morning with insisting on watching Merlin when her guest did not want to. And not being able to understand that her friend might not know what our remote control looks like or where it might be ('why aren't you helping me?'). They are presently in the play room having a 'pretend maths lesson' and actually playing really nicely!

I am sort of sorting the house but have zilcho in for tea. Have been invited out to pub fireworks display but not feeling very sociable at all due to tiredness and tbh am feeling overwhelmed and low, about the whole issue with being in limbo re: dd2 with no iminent prospect of assessment. It is really eating at me, I think because I feel like I am 'over' this feeling of ?what is wrong? with my now 7yo? which I have had since she was, erm, a year old... DH does not get it at all. I know he is right in a way because she is doing well academically. DH is out in London tonight so it's me and the sauvingnon blanc. And MN!

Have yet to walk the dog or buy bread. Hence I am here! Horrah!

signandsmile Fri 02-Nov-12 16:24:33

good week here, the meet up, and time to carry on working on the house sort out, (I feel i might actually be winning against the tsunami of crap that is dh's "collections") blush. now up at nannys (dmil) ds has been utterly charming... (think he is saving it up for mon.... [hm]

i too have loads of work an d college stuff to do, so yep i am MNing too blush

moosemama Fri 02-Nov-12 16:46:12


I have finished my second course of anti-b's and been back to the docs, waiting for culturing results to see if the infection is all gone, but have a sneaking feeling it isn't as have been feeling worse and worse since I had my last pill. Original culture results said it's a particularly nasty, anti-b resistant strain of Ecoli and doc said it's no wonder it's knocked me for six. If it hasn't gone or it comes back he said he will refer me straight to a specialist. Had to laugh at that, as still haven't had my physio appointment through for my CRPS and that's been over a month. If I hadn't paid to go private I would have ended up with permanent damage. As it is the exercises have been helping and my lower leg/foot seemed to really be improving, until I finally had enough of struggling to get around the house on my crutches and decided to walk on it yesterday - doh! Back to square one today with much pain and swelling. sad

It's been half-term here as well this week. Poor dcs have been stuck in the house with a grumpy poorly mummy all week. Ds1 has had some spectacular meltdowns, including some in front of my mum - who isn't used to it at all, because he really tried hard to be on his best behaviour around her usually. Cue mum telling me such pearls as "he can't be allowed to dictate to the rest of the family" and "he will just have to get used to it" etc. Needless to say we had words and I am now persona-non-grata.

We cannot get him to accept moving down a group in maths and even mentioning the subject causes an instant meltdown. This has been compounded by him remembering that maths is tied to indoor PE timetable wise, so if he moves down a group he won't be with his best friend for either and won't see him at all until 2.00 pm on Thursdays. He got himself into such a state after hurting his brother during a playfight the other day that I was scared he might try to harm himself like he did a couple of years back. He was just rocking and screaming "I didn't mean it" over and over and over at full high-pitched scream. Neither dh or I could get through to him. sad

Dreading him going back on Monday, as it could go either way. Either he will hold himself together really tightly and then lose it completely when he comes home after moving groups - in which case school won't see or experience the fall-out of their actions. Or they will be witness to the biggest meltdown he's ever had in school, in which case I might be in for a phone call.

Also found out that his TA seems to be doing non-verbal reasoning exercises with him, but basically telling him the answers so she can mark them all right. Am totally confused, firstly as to why they are even doing them, when his dx report states that his non-verbal skills are practically non-existant and no amount of 'practise' is going to change that and secondly, because he has enough in his statement that they could and should be doing, but aren't, wrt to emotional literacy and social skills. I am very suspicious and can't help but think they are cooking something up to try and derail us at AR in February. I honestly can't think what other reason they would be getting him to do exercises like looing at pictures of two tower blocks and say which one would order more sandwiches for lunch or of two factories and state which is the one that manufactures X. confused

Anyway, ignore me. I am a proper grump at the moment.

Dh is out tonight and there is no chocolate in the house, so that's really not helping.


Ineedalife Fri 02-Nov-12 17:16:29

Dd3 has been invited to join a group called "Understanding Me", it is run by an ASD specialist SALT and is all about understanding their diagnosis and its implications.

It looks good, the parents were invited to meet the SALT and find out about the course before we signed our Dc's up.

I havent been well this week so Dd3 has been hard work, Dd2 has been on half term so she has been mooching around the house most of the week.

Still I am finally getting my day off tomorrow, Dd3 is going to blackpool for the day with cubs. I am looking forward to a break but am a bit stressed about letting her go with them.

Hope everyone has a good weekendsmile

TaggieCampbellBlack Fri 02-Nov-12 17:59:07

Evening all.
Was thinking of Cup and The Teaset today.

Pretty good week here. Back to school monday so bracing myself as usual. Although last term DD went every single day! For the first term in years!!!

I met a young woman today who had Aspergers (and her lovely mum). She was lovely and gave me a real glow that actually, the future can be ok.

WilsonFrickett Fri 02-Nov-12 17:59:56

That course sounds interesting Need battle is currently raging in our house about 'telling' DS about his dx and stuff.

We've had a good week, DS managed to last the whole of his Halloween party which was a massive thing for him, he was really chuffed. My mother also stayed over for three days and of course the nicest thing about that is she's gone home! Yippee, peace and wine for me tonight. I know a lot of people struggle with GPs not accepting dx, she has kind of gone the other way and become very right on about things. Really grinds my gears. But could be worse, I suppose.

And of course the best bit of my week - im back on the SN board! So lovely to see so many old posters and new ones to get to know too.

TaggieCampbellBlack Fri 02-Nov-12 18:04:04

AND i have finally stopped itching.
AND gone back to this name.
AND i start a new job on monday.
AND DD1 has got herself a saturday job in waitrose.

Phew! wine all round!

hazeyjane Fri 02-Nov-12 18:22:17

Am wearing sparkly beads and a little enamel bee brooch that my sister sent me ages ago, and I thought I had lost. Lit a candle this morning, in a little pink glittery candle holder that dd1 made. Thankyou for telling us about the funeral Sallybear, it sounds beautiful.

Had an awful opthamology appointment with ds today, after a very long week. He fell asleep whilst we were waiting, so was tired and grumpy and wouldn't look at any of the cards or toys, so the opthamologist couldn't get a good look at his eyes. He thinks he may need glasses, but can't be sure, so wants him back in 2 months - the whole thing took nearly 3 hours, and the girls whilst pretty amazing, had started to get seriously bored and whingy by then!

In a bizarre soap opera style twist I saw ds's paed waking across the atrium, while we were waiting for the lift, I have been trying to get hold of him to talk about ds's possible seizures, and his chest, so I became like a woman possessed and chased him around the hospital trying to grab him, eventually I caught up with him, but he had started clinic, so I scribbled a note and gave it to his secretary (to go with the email, and phone messages I have left).

hazeyjane Fri 02-Nov-12 18:24:18

Ooh Taggie, I had forgotten about your dd, I will have to pop in tomorrow and try to spot her (tell her to look out for a very short woman grinning inanely at everyone)

Very excited by the prospect of a Swindon meet up!!

TaggieCampbellBlack Fri 02-Nov-12 18:25:40

She's in the coffee shop tomorrow afternoon. I've been banned from going in to wave grin

hazeyjane Fri 02-Nov-12 18:27:31

<claps hand with glee> an excuse to go to Waitrose coffee shop! Don't worry, I will do my utmost to be embarrassing by proxy.

Handywoman Fri 02-Nov-12 18:31:46

playdate update: has now ended in spectacular fashion with dd2 storming off upstairs after refusing to put clothes on following totally inevitable spilling of paint on brand new sleepwear (don't ask, dd was 'in character'). In between screaming like 'The Exorcist' upstairs, she also told me while I tried to find a second clothing outfit that I was spoiling 'the game' by moving the dressing up clothes. She was apoplectic about the sleepwear going in the washing machine and told me I made her spill the paint on it! Meanwhile dd2's friend is quietly feeling awkward in the kitchen. I have not long waved dd's bemused friend off with her mum, dd2 still upstairs doing her Exorcist impression. And now dd2, five minutes later, is in the lounge, eating her pasta, behaving as if absolutely nothing had happened confused.

So we are back on comfortable territory! My bottle of sauv blanc is calling!

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