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for jimjams.

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misdee Sat 03-Jan-04 19:46:22

traffic lights on ebay (not the huge ones u find by the road lol)

Jimjams Sun 04-Jan-04 10:04:42

gosh thanks misdee.

I'm not sure whether traffic lights would be a really good or really bad idea. I could see a major obsession developing. Anyone had any experience?

DS1 was given a toy washing machine for xmas. He loves it but we have to limit it, and take it away from him as after about half an hour it all becomes too much. I suppose if I left the traffic lights un mounted we coulod take them away if necessary.

May well make a bid- anyone know what the brand new price is?

Thanks again misdee- you star.

misdee Sun 04-Jan-04 19:34:35

i think the traffic lights have been discontinued. but when i saw them i think they were 30pounds.

Jimjams Sun 04-Jan-04 20:04:49

oooh thanks misdee. I may well go for it- especailly if they've been discontinued, even if we don't use them now I'm sure ds1 would love them someotime in the future. I'm going to keep an eye on the bidding- many thanks again.

I'm not very good at winning on ebay though- any tips?

misdee Sun 04-Jan-04 20:08:43

just place a low bid for now, then wait till the last day to do the serious bidding. i won a set last month+ for my girls, and also a star light and got the two for under £20.

if its something i really want, then i place a small bid straight away as otherwise i forget about it, and at least then i get emails to tell me if i get outbid. but then i'm scatty.

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