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School decision for 4 1/2yo

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laraeo Wed 31-Oct-12 18:33:45

Oh boy. I started another thread about my DS here:

I spoke to his current teacher today. She really wanted to know how DS's developmental ped appointment went. I told her we're on track to get some additional referrals but that they take time to get through the insurance system. She said as soon as I get any recommendations on a behavior-type modification plan to let her know and they're willing to work with him.

This is all fine and good. However, I'm still not convinced his current school is the right one for him.

I got a call back from a different school today and we're going for a tour on Friday. They are an "inclusion" school and were set up with the idea to meet the needs of students with special needs. They have smaller class sizes (15 v. 20) and a better staff ratio (5:1 as opposed to 10:1). Approximately 1/3 of each class has some kind of SN.

Obviously I'll know more after Friday's visit but the school comes highly recommended by another mom with twins each with different needs - ADHD and somewhere on the spectrum & SALT. Her sons are learning to manage their own behavior, there's an additional SALT therapist who visits, etc.

DH really, really wants DS to stay in the school he's currently in. I'm afraid he sees the other preschool as not "academic" enough. Additionally, the current preschool has a fantastic reputation (at least for NT kids) and it's Catholic as is DH. The other school is Methodist.

Having said that, DH has said if I really feel the need to pull DS out of his current school, I can as long as there's a new school lined up.

I'm not sure what my question is. If I do pull DS out of the current school, how do I explain it to him?

Oh boy. I never thought the Methodist school would have any openings....

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