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A clear list for Attention Deficit Disorder?

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starfish71 Wed 31-Oct-12 13:24:10

Hi there, just something which popped up during a chat with DS 14 (newly dx with aspergers) who feel he may have this as well,

DS rarely talks in depth to me about anything to do with dx so want to take it seriously and rang CAMHS and spoke to our consultant and she said that we will have another appt after I have spoken to school and to Autism advisory teacher who is coming out to talk to DS after half term.

Hope this makes sense! Could do with prinitng off a good list for DS to look at and for me too.

Its mad here this afternoon, have DS2 and his friend from school here, very noisily playing on x box, DS2 doesn't want to leave the house at the moment (should have been up friends today but too anxious to go, so luckily he was able to come down to us!)

Thanks ;)

starfish71 Wed 31-Oct-12 18:30:21

Does anyone have a child with a dx of aspergers and ADD?

Would this have been missed for this long? I am just pondering really and now that DS is in the PRU he wants to concentrate on his work but tells me he is struggling even in subjects he enjoys. He has been doing some research apparently..

All this comes out last night as I am dozing off with DS perched on the end of the bed, it's never boring here.

pinkorkid Wed 31-Oct-12 18:42:29

This support website has a reasonable list of symptoms and some other useful info.

Also it is a very common co-morbid diagnosis with ASD. In ds' case he was initially diagnosed with adhd (primarily inattentive) with asd traits at about 8 and full diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome came a few years later. aged 12. IMO, yes easy to miss especially if they are high functioning and there are areas of overlap too.

starfish71 Wed 31-Oct-12 18:45:57

Oh thanks pink that is very useful. Will have a good read. Just struck me my DS is more on the ball than me..x

ouryve Wed 31-Oct-12 22:01:07

DS1 has a dual diagnosis of ASD (Now presents as aspergers - highly verbal) and ADHD. In his case though, there has always been a lot of the H, so he was obvious from a young age. Even pre-ADHD diagnosis, his diagnosis was "autism with associated hyperactivity"

I expect that ADD or inattentive type ADHD could be far easier to miss. Hyperactive or oppositional kids tend to make themselves very noticeable because their behaviours can be extreme and impulsive and "naughty"

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