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Aba shadows in any school in Cardiff?

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Ronifromwales Tue 30-Oct-12 23:01:58

Hi does anyone know any school who would accept aba home tutors as shadows in Cardiff. Don't think my sons school will allow my home tutors after I've proved their teaching wasn't working with him. Amy light would be great.


cansu Wed 31-Oct-12 18:23:24

I think it is really down to the relationship you have with the school. If the relationship is poor then they will feel threatened and say no straight away. I don't live in Wales but did manage to get my dd aba tutor employed by the school as her 1:1 in school. This really happened through being supportive of the school, suggesting that she had a slow integration into school with aba tutor alongside her and then seeing by themselves that she was the obvious choice as her 1:1. I also was very careful not to force it or make demands and they were very keen on the idea. Two years later she is still supporting dd and it has worked very well. I think it is a very difficult balancing act. You say that their teaching wasn't working with him, you need to be very careful ow you deal with the school or they won't play ball. if you want to keep your son in his current placement and have the aba shadow I would try and build some bridges. With dd school I sent in aba consultant who complimented school and built relationship with them. This made it easier all round as they could then be accommodating with us because we weren't criticising their provision.

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